Saucony Mirage or Skechers Go Run Ride for marathon?

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In 3 weeks I’m going to run my 12’th maraton (yay…) and I’m going after a new pr. at 3. hours and 10 minutes.
I’m pretty new to minimalist running and for a marathon I like a shoe with some cushioning. Up until now my favourite shoes have been the Saucony Mirage 2 and 3 and Brooks Pure Flow 1 and 2 but then I got a pair of Skechers Go Run Ride last week and really love em! I go so fast in them and my running form is really good in them. 

Up until then I was planning to run in my Saucony Mirage because I have good experience from previous marathons with them, but now I’m thinking about running in the Go Runs instead because they are really fast. I’m just not sure if they offer enough protection for a marathon cushioning vise.
What would you guys recommend? 

Sorry for my bad English – I’m from Europe :)


  • Personally?  I say run in what you're happiest with.  With that being said, if you can put in some good miles over the next few weeks in your new Skechers, I would *think* that you should be OK for the marathon in them.  Then again, I've never run a marathon, so that advice may not be worth much.
  • Have you done some of your long runs in the Rides? As long as you've gotten in a 20 miler or so with them and haven't experienced any trouble, it should be fine. That said, if you want to play it safe, especially since you're going for a PR, sticking with the Mirages might be the way to go.
  • The longest run I had was a 13 miler in the Go Runs and that went pretty well. But then again there can be a long way from 13 to 26 miles :P

    My marathon is in a few weeks, so I dont have time for another long run before then, so I was just wondering, if any of you had tried the Go Run Rides in a marathon?
  • Personally, I'd just run in the Mirages.
  • I have run 16 miles in them I have not run a marathon in them yet. Training for my first
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