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I saw your review of the Ascend Glove, but then I saw that you ranked the Mix Master 2 among your top 3 all-terrain shoes.  How does the AG stack up to the MM?  I'm looking for a shoe w/ a nice wide toe box that will protect my foot from rocks better than my current NB MT10.  If you have recommendations other than Merrell, I'll take those too.  Thanks!!


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    OK, not getting many hits on this (sum total of ZERO!).  I was hoping that the Runblogger owner would reply, but if any of you have opinions on this, please let me know.  I'm looking for a shoe that can protect my foot from sharp stones on 5-20mi runs.  I run on a mix of very rough pavement to dirt trail to trails covered with stones.  My current shoe is a New Balance MT10v1, and when I hit a stone, it hurts and then my foot is sore for the rest of the run, which is not pleasurable.  Can anyone give me a comparison of the Ascend Glove and the Mix Master 2?  I've seen reviews that put both those shoes in the "hybrid" category (all-terrain). 

    Help--looking for a good all-around shoe!
  • I'm not going to guess you'll get much info: the Ascend Glove hasn't even been out for a month.
  • Ah, that's good info.  I didn't know that.  I was trying on a myriad of shoes at my local store, and that just happened to be one.  I don't keep up with what's current in the shoe market.

  • The Mix Master 2 is a great trail shoe either walking or running.  However there are other shoes which have better grip like the Inov8.  However again, the Inov8s don't have wide toe boxes so I've given up on them.  I haven't tried the Ascend Glove yet.
  • BryanEW, Thanks for the link.  I had already looked at that review, hence my opening post.  Pete wrote that rather flattering review of the Ascend Glove, but it is not in his top-3 hybrid shoes.  That is why I asked him to compare it to the Mix Master 2, which is in his top-3.

    Thanks for the second link too--I had not considered those shoes before.
  • They are also pretty new, too.  You could be forgiven for not thinking about them :-)
  • By the way, I just saw this indirect lavishing of praise on the Ascend Glove!

  • Did you come to any decision, augie?
  • Does it have to be a Merrell? Your requirements of low drop, protection on long runs on dirt/stone trails and wider toe box are perfectly fulfilled by the Pearl Izumi EM Trail N1. Don't get confused by the stack height listings floating around on the net (which list around 7mm drop), what Pearl Izumi calls Dynamic Offset really works, while running the drop really feels more like 3mm.

    You might want to check out Nate's review (which is spot on) on the Runblogger site:
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