Kinvara 3/4 2E

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Anybody using Kinvara 3 2E or 4 2E? Is 2E really wide enough?

I'm currently using Viratta but my toes hurt so much every after long run. Im thinking changing to wider toebox which kinvara has.

My problem is nobody is selling 2E size here in Philippines. So i might order it online.



  • I can't comment on how wide a 2E is, however, I would advise you to get the Kinvara 4 because it has a more flexible upper because of the lesser amount of Flexifilm material.
  • Hi winph,

    That's a shame to hear about the Viratta.. I was hoping to try them out but Saucony doesn't offer them in 2E, and it sounds like even bumping up sizes might still result in a narrow fit.

    I have used several pair of K3 at 2E, they are my go-to shoe and I just hope they last until race day for Chicago in October!  Otherwise I'll switch to the K4 2E.

    I would definitely recommend the 2E over the standard fit if you can get them.

    Good luck!
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