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So I picked up a pair of the (discontinued) Merrell True Glove for dirt cheap the other day. From what I can tell based on what I've read online, they're supposed to be the precursor of the more popular Road Glove and Flux Glove. They're certainly not as flexible or as breathable as the Trail Glove (which is my favorite running shoe of all-time). Still, for what I paid for them, they're decent enough kicks to work into my running shoe rotation. Been walking around with them for about two days now and did a quick 3k to break them in. I did notice, though, that the ankle collar really digs into my Achilles. So much so that I actually wore socks (a first for me in a Merrell Barefoot line shoe) to protect against the abrasion during my run. The abrasion was that bad (and I've built up some fairly calloused skin in that area, too). My question for those who've had more extensive experience with the True Glove: does the ankle collar "soften" over time, or will I just have to deal with it and wear socks whenever I use them for running?


  • For the record, the True Glove is a less breathable (read Cross-Training/Hiking) version of the Trail Glove.  It shares an outsole with it, in fact.
  • For what it's worth, the reviewer here noted I think a similar issue.
  • Well, if the True Glove is supposed to be a variant of the Trail Glove (and not a different shoe altogether), it sure feels nothing like it. The lacing and fit and stiffness are totally different... I think what contributes to the abrasion problem is that the True Glove needs another pair of eyelets higher up the shoe... what I've found is that even when the midfoot is locked down by the "Omni-Fit" lacing system, the stiffer-than-usual sole means that the shoe moves up and down at the heel/Achilles during the toe-off phase of my gait, leading to the abrasion.

    Anyway, I tried to use them on an easy-paced trail 5K today and I couldn't even finish the run. At about the 3K mark, the irritation and bleeding was just too much (even with socks)... I ended up turning around and walking gingerly back home. I've since cut off the section of the ankle collar on both shoes that bite into my Achilles (they're not returnable, since they were deeply discounted "we're getting rid of stock" items at the local store) and hopefully they'll run better. It'll probably be at least a couple of days before I can run in them again, though. The damn things really did a number on my Achilles.
  • Just a little update:

    I can run problem-free in the True Glove now, but not without some modifications. I took off some material from the rear of the ankle collar and used a leather punch to add an extra pair of lacing holes to the top of the shoe to improve foot lockdown. No more Achilles abrasion, even if I run sockless. It's a decent enough running/light hiking shoe, although it is still significantly stiffer than the Trail Glove.
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