Forefoot Durability?

I'm really dancing between The One and the Evo Cursoris (or maybe even the's about as much stack height as my BA2's) for my next pair of shoes, but both of the Mizunos lack outsole rubber on the areas where I wear my shoe most heavily.  

Do you think I'd be OK with either of the Mizunos, or should I go for the Altra (which I hope are more flexible than The Instinct 1.0's that I have now as my backup trainers).

Consider these shots of my BA2's shortly after 150mi:



  • Bryan, it looks like you supinate, just like I do.  I have ordered a pair of Cursoris.  They are scheduled to arrive later this afternoon.  If they feel good, I will accept the extra wear on the mid-foot. 

    I suggest you look at the outsole of the Brooks PureDrift.  The hard rubber lines up nicely with your wear-pattern.  I have a pair and really like them.  I keep the insole (sock liner) in the shoe, so I don't have Pete's problem.   With the insole, it isn't zero-drop, but it feels like less than 4 mm. 

    Good luck,

  • I don't think it's supination as much as me landing on my forefoot starting on the lateral side.  I don't probably pronate correctly on the left foot because of a shortened first metatarsal.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • I really am enjoyng my Altra The Ones. My first Altra shoes so I do not know any other. But am familiar with BA2 and the Vibram soles always hold up better. But I would not trade the Altra toe box for anything these days ;-)
  • How's the flexibility on The One?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • My limited experience with the Cursoris leads me to advise against it. Durability seems bad as far as I can tell (wear is significant after barely 50 miles) and the shoe in itself is unsafe at higher paces unless you have very stable ankles.

  • Is it because the forefoot lacks structure, or because it is too wide for your feet?

    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • The whole shoe lack structure. Add to that the fact that the sole is way too soft, that the ground feel is not good for a minimal shoe and that flexibility is really not stellar and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.
  • I agree with Stephane that durability looks terrible for Cursoris.  I just took my first run, 3 miles.  There is obvious wear in the middle forefoot, right where you would expect it, Bryan.  I am going to keep them just to see how long they last.  I doubt they will go for 100 miles. 

  • Bummer.  Looks like The One for me...
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • @Stephane: When I tried on a pair of the Cursoris and Levitas, I found the Levitas to be BY FAR a better fit.  Considering its stack height is no more than the BA2, it might be the better pick.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • For some reason my understanding was that the cursoris and the levitas were built on the same last so I'm surprised about your comment about fit. Quite frankly, I find the fit of the cursoris quite impressive. I had tried the levitas (not run in them) in a larger size and had not been as impressed. I had decided against them for an array of reasons among which color scheme was not the least (purple and orange? Come on!). That said, the fact that the levitas has a stabilizing heel cup is probably a big advantage, as must be the lesser amount of cushioning. Looking back, I'd probably change my choice now as I imagine the levitas would make for a much more versatile shoe with enough cushioning for longer runs. Not sure durability is much better than on the cursoris though.
  • I've said this before on this forum (a few months before Pete's review, BTW): The Cursoris is by far my favorite shoe - great flexibility, cushioning and fit.  However, the outsole on the lateral side of the forefoot wears very quickly.  I'm hard on all shoes in that area, but none have ever worn as quickly as the Cursoris.  I'm more than willing to spend a little extra money to replace them more frequently than I would other shoes, though.  I like the Cursoris that much.

    Bryan, I also wear the Levitas and don't find the fit to be a lot different than the Cursoris.  The durability of the outsole (or lack thereof) is also similar.  The biggest difference is the amount of cushioning.  On days I want more, I wear the Cursoris; when I want less, I wear the Levitas.
  • One more thought, Bryan: The Cursoris is a much more cushioned shoe than the BA2.  If that's what you want, they're terrific.  If not, the Levitas will be a better option.  As you note, the stack heights of the Levitas and BA2 (which I also have) are similar, but the Levitas feels slightly more cushioned to me.

    I need to try The One's at some point.  The Instincts I have are such bricks, I lost interest in Altra products.
  • I have run about 150km now in my The Ones and mostly on gravel roads. No sign of wear yet. Cushion enough for me and flexible. I always have to pick out small pebbles from the sole though. I could buy a lot of other shoes but so far I just love the toe box. Like I wrote before this is my shoe in the other end of my vapor gloves ;-)
  • That's a bummer.  Seems both Evo shoes wear right where I tend to kill shoes, although there is some rubber at the very worst spot--on the lateral edge of my shoes right on the outside of my midfoot (just ahead of the "Vibram" logo):


    (It's worse on the left foot than the right, but you get the idea)
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
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