More durable Kinvara alternative for long runs?

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I'm training for a marathon (3rd one in as many years) in September.  Putting in 40-50 miles per week currently.  I'm using a pair of Inov8 Road X233's for my runs of <10 miles, and a pair of Kinvara 3 for longer runs, since they are a bit softer.  I really like both shoes, but I am absolutely destroying the lateral outsole on my Kinvaras, and at their current rate of wear, there is no way they are going to remain intact until my marathon rolls around.  As such, I am thinking of setting the Kinvaras aside, for the most part, until race day, and replacing them with something a bit more durable for my long runs.  I am wondering what shoes people would recommend - I would like something relatively lightweight and lower drop, but with a more durable outsole.
     Two shoes I was looking at are the Mirage 2 and the NB 890V2.  However, Mirage 2's seem to disappearing lately, and I don't know if want to pay full price for the 3, plus I'm not sure how much more durable they would be (since it looks like the lateral outsole is still mostly EVA).  The 890V2 looks pretty good, although the differential is a bit more than I'd like; however, I will naturally forefoot strike even in 12mm drop stability shoes (seriously) so it might not be that much of an issue. 
   I would appreciate any advice on what shoes I should get.  As an aside, while I have pretty much eaten my Kinvara's soles for breakfast, the Inov8's soles are just fine, and it doesn't seem to have any more wear on the lateral side of the sole than anywhere else, so it looks like I might be landing more evenly on them than the Kinvaras.  Anyone know why this would be? 

Thanks for the help!


  • Honestly, the Mirage, while a nice shoe and a great complement if you already like the Kinvara's fit (it's a little more loose), is no more durable than the Kinvara.  I wouldn't waste too much time hunting them down.
  • You could try the Merrell Mix Master Move.  It's a 4mm drop with firm cushion.
  • Thanks for the advice!  I'll probably pass on the Mirage, then - I'd read some similar sentiments elsewhere.  The  Moves do look pretty good; also saw Altra Instincts on sale recently, so giving them consideration as well....
  • Just be aware...the Instinct (and all other Altra shoes) are zero drop, not 4mm.
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    Although the Kinvara is a nice shoe I can not run in those narrow toe boxes. I am waiting for a pair of Altra The One. I think they are good for my feet with a wide toe box and hopefully adequate cushioning for long runs. And it looks like the sole is durable. I can also recommend Merrell Bare Access 2 which has a durable Vibram sole. All Vibram soles are the most durable. They have at least for me enough cushioning for longer runs. And a wider toe box than the Kinvaras but not wide enough for me.

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    Asle, I haven't had a pair, but I know the Kinvaras come in wide sizes (2E).
  • I decided to get the Instincts - pretty excited about them, hopefully they will work well for me.  I seem to be a natural forefoot striker, considering that I wore out the lateral forefoot on a couple pairs of Asics Gel Foundations before I switched to less substantial shoes, so I'm not too concerned about them being zero drop - I think I will forefoot/midfoot strike regardless!  Appreciate all of the advice. 
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