The dreaded Skechers GoRun2 sockliner problem

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Hi everyone,

yesterday it finally happened: I am near the end of a nice, comfy run in my GoRun 2s as I notice that the sockliners are moving slowly towards the heel with every step. The resulting edge at the front of the shoe nearly killed my toes on the last couple km.

I know that the usual recommendation is to just throw the sockliners away and use the shoes without them. My problem is that my GoRuns are already on the edge of being too large. Without the sockliner they are way too large to be useful for any kind of serious running.

Has anybody come up with a different solution for this problem? Maybe fixing them somehow or replacing them by different sockliners?

Greetings from Sweden,



  • What other shoes do you have?  I'd suggest experimenting with sockliners from your other shoes and see if any of them work.
  • Like Brian said, I'd try swapping in a pair from another shoe. The sockliner issue will be fixed in the next version, I have round 2 of prototypes for the GoRun 3.
  • I know this will sound strange, but I took out the sockliner and saw that the front had a turned up lip. I think that the sockliner is too long.  The pressure from the front and the back starts the folding of the liner, I believe.  So I took a scissor and cut off the turned-up lip at the front.  No more pressure.  It hasn't folded up since then.  Of course, after a few more weeks, I switched to PureDrift as my primary shoe. 
  • Swapping the sockliner seems like a good idea, I am just a little bit unsure if I will find one which doesn't have too much structure or additional heel differential to it. I am fearing that any of those two things might change the shoe too much. Luckily I have developed a running shoe acquisition syndrome lately, so at least I have plenty of other sockliners to test. :)

    As for the improved sockliner in the GoRun 3: Not sure if I would buy another Skechers shoe right now, I get extremely annoyed when the usability of an otherwise great product is seriously affected by small, completely needless design flaws. Given the amount of people complaining about the sockliners on the internet, proper wear testing (no offence mend Pete) or common sense should have prevented these problems. Or maybe they knew about it but management wanted to save 5ct by going for a cheaper sockliner.

    I actually had a similar problems with a pair of Adidas Energy Boost. I really liked the shoe, but parts of the outsole were completely worn down after 120km. Additionally, there was even a crack in the torsion system. I got the shoe replaced by the dealer, but such wear problems on a shoe with a midsole which is marketed as especially durable seem to be either design errors or deliberately designed weak points to me. Guess what, I am not going to invest money in new Adidas shoes anytime soon.

    Sorry for the rants, but all these issues just seem so unnecessary to me that I really get annoyed.
  • Oh yeah, and thanks for the cutting-away hint, I'll investigate if that helps, too.

  • The super-thin sockliner in the GoRun and GoBionic was actually my idea, it wasn't originally there. The shoe wasn't initially intended to have a sockliner at all, I suggested it as a way to add fit flexibility and because I had blistering issues without it. It was tested (in fact, by me since it was a late addition in the development process!) and I have not experienced the bunching issue myself, but clearly it has been an issue for many others which is why it's being fixed. You can blame me for the problem :) If you own a pair of Saucony Kinvara or older Nike Free those have nice sockliners that I swap into other shoes.
  • Pete,

    thanks for the insight into the wear testing. It is actually nice to know that there are companies out there who listen to the input of non-professional runners.

    As for the sockliner recommendations: I have a pair of Kinvaras here and at work I actually have a pair of Nike Flex (afaik a low budget Nike Free version) from which I removed the sockliner to get more space for my toes. I will try out these sockliners and let you know what worked.

    Thanks for all the help to everyone.
  • No problem, hope one of the other liners helps!

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  • I put a couple of strips of double-sided tape running down the length of the shoe under the sockliner.  Works, but if it gets wet or sandy, you'll need to switch 'em out.  I just took out the liners.  

    It is a goofy problem, I agree.  I've got 2 pairs of GR2s and it happened in both pair - one on the left shoe and one on the right shoe.
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    Double-sides tape came to my mind as well, but for now I am positive that the sockliners from a pair of Nike Flex might have solved the problem. I have yet to run in the shoes with the new sockliners (focusing on trails right now) but they fit nicely in the GoRuns and are only slightly thicker and slightly more structured than the original ones. Keeping my thumbs crossed to see what happens during the run. :)
  • Hmm, I never had this problem with the thin sock-liner of the Go Bionics. In my Go Run 2's I don't use the sock-liner, so I don't have that problem. On the other hand, I have a problem with a small unevenness under the non-removable sock-liner of the right foot. On runs longer than 10K my big and second toe get a bit bruised by it. It is only in my right shoe, so I guess it's a small manufacturing error. 
  • Today I finally had the opportunity to test the GoRun 2s with the Nike Flex sockliners. It seems to work, I couldn't notice any chance in shoe feel (the Flex sockliners are more structured than the simple Skecher ones) and at the same time there were absolutely no problems with movement of the sockliner. The fit of the shoe is somewhat tighter because the new sockliner is thicker, but in my case that it ok as my pair of GoRuns was on the large side for my feet. Overall I am really happy and would like to thank everyone who contributed to this thread!

    @Rudy: In many shoes my second toe on the left foot gets bruised, maybe a small anatomic error? ;) Honestly, I actually felt a bump under my right big toe during today's run. Was not sure if it was due to the new sockliner, if it was anything with the shoe or just one of these sensor pods under sole. Anyway, didn't cause any problems during my (not very long) run.
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