Recovering from hospital stay?

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Hi guys! So I'm in a bit of a pickle here... A week ago I was rushed to the hospital due to difficulty in breathing and was admitted to ICU. I got out of the ICU after 2 days and was transferred to the medical ward in which I stayed for over 5 days. This morning I tried running again (I allowed 2 days rest after I got discharged from the hospital), and I found myself having a really hard time running. I was panting only after a minute of running and felt dizzy at some point. So I'm asking is if anyone has suggestions on how I can recover from this? I have a race coming soon at the end of July so I need to jump back on training. Thanks!


  • My first thought: forget the race and focus on your health!

    Unfortunately I can't say anything useful though, as this is way out of my league obviously. If no one drops by with some useful knowledge, definitely consult a doctor.
  • You're not running the race, that's for sure.

    My first thought is...what was your prognosis?  You have an issue that caused you to have to go to Intensive Care.  Has that been issue been dealt with?
  • @Rayhzel yeah, my father told me to not push myself too hard. he told me to walk, walk, walk. lol. i'll try that and now i'm re-doing my whole diet :p

    @BryanEW710 i was rushed to the hospital cause of DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and yes, my glucose levels are stabilizing now thank god.
  • That's good to hear.  

    It would seem like you need to get your diet under control before you really start running more.  Does your specialist (endocrinologist) have any thoughts?
  • Health before running for sure! Get the issue straightened out before you worry about racing.

  • @BryanEW710 yeah, i've been instructed to eat much less carbs. i have a follow-up check up with my doctor this Wednesday and i'll ask her about it.

    @Runblogger Of course. :) I'll try to but it's really hard haha. That feeling when you really just want to run, but can't. :(
  • I recommend following doctors instructions.
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