Socks for proper toe splay?

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I love a really wide toe box running just feels so much better.  I don't like toe socks but I'm wondering if I just need to get use to them for even better toe splay.  Has anyone noticed if they get much better toe splay in toe socks vs standard socks.  Also I have never run sockless I could give that a try should one transition slowly to sockless if their going to do that?


  • I have to say I was skeptical of toe socks too. A local sports store had a blowout on last years version of the Injinji line and I spent $4.99 on a pair. I ran a 6-8 miles one day in Merrell Road Gloves 2, then a few days later a 16 miler in the Bare Access 2- felt awesome. Needless to say I went back and cleaned off the rack- I even wear them in casual shoes sometimes now. It is a pain in the ass getting them on, and initially felt weird, but I've done several hour treks in the mountains without changing them out with no ill effects. Worth a try!
  • I've run sockless since high school.  Just a warning, you *will* get a blister or two, and you will likely have a bloody toe at some point.  You will become VERY peculiar about how your shoes fit.

    I love it, but I regret it every once in awhile, too.
  • Thanks guys!  I will give both a try and stick with the toe socks for a longer period of time to see if I can transition myself.
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    For the record, you don't have to run sockless--I wouldn't recommend it unless you actually *want* to.  I started doing it for races during XC and Track, and eventually realized that it was kind of silly to put on socks before and after races and just did it all the time.

    Like I've said before, though, I never understood minimal running with socks.  It seems kind of anti-minimal, lol.
  • Like Bryan, I suggest going sockless, even if it's only once in a while. If nothing else, it's a fun way to break up a running routine... the difference in ground feel and toe splay will be quite noticeable especially if you're wearing something in the way of the Merrell Trail Glove/Road Glove line or the GoBionics, and will have you working your muscles slightly differently.
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