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Has anyone had any experience with the Mirage 3s? The Mirage 2s had been my go to shoe for a while but I've since been running in more minimal shoes for the past year or so. I've experienced some nagging injuries since then that I never got with the Mirages, so I'm going to go back to the Mirages for my fall marathon training. From what I've read the big difference between the 2s an 3s is forefoot flexibility, weight, and a less constricting upper. All good things, but just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts.


  • I would like some extra info as well, because I might recommend these to my girl when she is in need of new pair
  • Mirage 3 is practically a different shoe than versions 1 and 2.
    I currently own versions 2 and 3, and I used version 1 quite a bit before donating it.

    My opinion is that 3 is a substantial improvement.  1 and 2 had an almost brick like, very firm and stiff midsole.  3 is softer and a not quite as stiff.  The Mirage 3 upper is really great.

    If you have read reviews of the 1 and the 2, they don't apply to the Mirage 3.

  • My pair should be arriving today, so I'll let you all know my thoughts after a run tomorrow. Also, in the PDF from the Runblogger post on trends in minimalist footwear yesterday, there's an image of the Mirage 4, which is being released in spring 2014. Not much info on it beside the addition of Progrid, similar to the Kinvara 4. It looks really nice, though.
  • Went on a four mile run in the Mirage 3s this morning. Here's my initial thoughts...

    It's been a while since I ran in my Mirage 2s, but the sole feels very similar to me, except that its much more flexible. It's got great responsiveness, too. The upper is great. It's certainly narrow compared to more minimalist shoes, but the flex film overlays make it feel less constricting, so it hasn't been a problem for me so far. Overall, they're a big improvement over the 2s. 
  • Dan,
    Are you still liking the Mirage 3's?  I am thinking about getting a pair, hoping it will help with some ankle pain I have been dealing with since I have switched to lower drop shoes.

  • I'm still really liking them. They seem to run a touch narrow (I've read that elsewhere too), but the upper is stretchy enough that it doesn't bother me. I tried going half a size up but didn't like it, so if you by any chance wear a size 8 I can sell you a barely used pair on the cheap!
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