New Balance Minimus - and Rain?

Hi there,

I've been looking at the Minimus Road collection but the material looks like it might not be waterproof.  I'm in the UK and it rains pretty often, so would these be okay, or perhaps the trail versions would be better?



  • Maverick, I am afraid that none of the shoes in the Minimus collection are in any way waterproof - I have most versions and am consequently not afraid of wet feet ;) Actually, I never use socks when I run, and once wet it doesn't bother me at all. Living in Sweden I experience pretty much the same weather as you; well, it might be a tad worse where you are :)

    I have read that the new Minimus Trail 10 v2 is supposed to have a new upper that is a little more water resistant than the old version, but I haven't noticed it at all. Besides that it is a great shoe, even for road running, and it is actually a bit lighter than the MR10v2.

    I say, lose the socks and embrace the elements; it won't hurt, I promise!

    Good luck!
  • Off-topic...nice to see I'm not the only sockless runner in these parts.  Always sort of made me scratch my head how many "minimal" runners still wear socks.
  • I also prefer sockless - a shoe that lets water in easily and lets it out just as easily is my preferred choice for running in rain. You're most likely going to get wet, and drainage is more important than waterproofing in my opinion. Unless you wear ankle gaiters, water will fill a waterproof shoe from the ankle collar, then will tend to stay put inside the shoe. Best to embrace the moisture!
  • To add to what Pete has said and also speak directly to the Minimus line, the MR10v2 does not handle water well in my experience. I was on the fence with them until I started going sockless (I use socks with some shows due to a tendency to blister across the toe box) and loved them until a run that ended in a downpour and unavoidable large puddles that water logged the shoes. They quickly trippled in weight and did not drain until I took them off and literally wrung them out. Since then, the otherwise comfortable fixed insole (likely the culprit for the drainage issue) has become rough around the edges.

    The MT00s drained okay because of how thin the upper is, but the insole retained moisture and became really stinky/moldy.
  • Ok thanks guys, I think the waterproof factor is not such a big deal anymore, if I'm walking to work I can just take an umbrella. 

    One thing I've been considering is that up till now I have only tried and used the Vivobarefoot Aqua Lite, and it's a bit too minimal on the concrete at times(even with the insole in).  I want to ask if anyone else has tried these shoes, and if so how do they compare to the Minimus?  It looks as though the Minimus shoes have about double the stack height and more material under the foot. 

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