Need performance racewalking (or running) shoes in men's size 16

I am a beginning race walker, although I just completed my fourth half marathon since May, 2012 (also numerous 5K, 10K, 15K races in the last two years).  I have had a LOT of trouble finding shoes.  As the subject line says, I need size 16.  Usually, 2E is wide enough, but occasionally, I need to move up to a 4E width, depending upon the brand and style of the particular shoes.  My current shoe is the Saucony Pro Grid Guide 6.    I like the 8 mm heel drop in the Guide 6 although I would actually be interested in experimenting with a smaller drop.  HOWEVER, even more than that, I would really, really, really like a shoe with a wider and taller toe box!

Are there any other guys out there who wear a size 16 who have found any good performance shoes with a small heel drop (less than 8 mm) and a wide & tall toe box?  

Also - f.y.i., I have plantar fasciitis and weak achilles tendons, although I have seen improvement in both of those areas.  I wear orthotic inserts, as well.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.


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