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I own or owned Kinvara 2-3-4, A5, Kinvara Trail. I just bought Viratta. I ran maybe 20 miles so far with them. It hitted me today when i felt the huge plastic thing located under the inside arch.... It hurts and gave my arch some kind of small electric chocs... Weird feeling. I never felt any plastic thing inside my other pairs. Size is the same. What's different with the Viratta than with my other Saucony shoes? I know it's a --kinf of-- zero drop and it's not the problem with me because i have no adaptation problem to zero drop. It is really the feel of the plastic piece under the inside arch. Anybody experiencing the same felling? Please tell me. So far , i dont't like the Viratta.


  • I rotate between Virrata and Kinvara 3 with 135 miles on each shoe. Both are size 9 and medium width. Never really had problems with the Virrata, however, the medial arch area of the shoe feels a bit higher compared to my Kinvara 3. With that said, the arch area has never bothered me most likely because I have high arches. Perhaps your arches are relatively low, thus you feel it. It could also be due to the thin upper of the Virrata just doesn't offer any form of resistance that prevents your arch from feeling the medial arch area of the midsole whenever you pronate. Those are just guesses though.
  • I can't say that I have the same problem with the Virrata. Though my initial thought of the logo plate was that the placement was a little weird.

    That said, I love the Virrata so far. Only done a few small laps, as I am working back from my knee injury. But it is a great shoe that really invites you to start running. My guess is those triangular pods are partly the reason for that.
  • Do you have this problem on both your left and right foot? I owned a pair of Kinvara 2's where one shoe had a small bump/ridge in the arch, just a glitch in manufacturing. When removing the insole you could see it/feel it with your fingers. My foot started feeling it after a couple of miles. Might something like that be the problem?
  • It probably is a manufacturing glitch as Will said. I've been doing a few sockless runs in them lately and encounter no blisters or discomforts during my runs.
  • JD is probably right about the glitch. I will say in my own experience with Kinvara 3 & Virrata that the build quality in the Virrata is easily a step below the Kinvara line. But so is the price.

  • In terms of the outsole, I'd agree that the Kinvara does have better durability because it has more rubber and has flatter design. The Virrata, though, has a more durable upper. The Kinvara's upper is susceptible to having holes.
  • I agree with you there- the upper feels great, lot's of freedom. I think all they have to do is build up the heel platform a bit and it's a winner. Still run in it, just plan it out. I'm sure the next version will be better knowing Saucony...
  • I wish they'd put more rubber on the outsole.  I'm kind of tired of the fad of using midsole rubber as an outsole.  There is just no way I can get more than 200mi out of shoes built like that.
  • I was thinking that it'd be better if they placed the rubber on the forefoot area and just leave the heel without the rubber. Seems to make more sense since the whole point of these low-drop shoes shoes is the help people transition to a forefoot/midfoot strike instead of a heel strike.
  • Those glued on thin rubber pads in key areas would be nice. I found that the weak base directly below the heel is a vulnerability in rocky terrain. Even blown midsole in a larger mass (Kinvara 3)  is a better dispersal agent for this part of the foot. 
  • Does anyone know which model has a wider toebox- the Virrata, or the Virrata 2 ?
  • Can't answer your question, is the Virrata 2 even out yet?

    Durabilty was an issue for me with this shoe. I ate through the soles man.
    I guess this particular shoe wasn't well suited for me.
  • The Virrata 2 is out.  On Shoefitr, if you use the Virrata 1 as the shoe to compare to, it shows the 2's being a little bit looser/wider in the toe box.  Probably not a whole lot though.
  • Have the 2's on my feet right now, can't say they feel much different than the 1
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