My Skechers GoBionic review and other stuff

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I don't normally write about running and running shoes for the site I write for, but this week offered a rare "crossover" opportunity:

Leaving Proof 185 | On the biology of super-speed and other stuff

Thanks for reading!


  • ZedZed
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    Just a little update on my GoBionics: They're a lot of fun to run in (I alternate between them and the Trail Gloves) but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed at the amount of wear I've put on the exposed foam in the area lateral to and behind the forefoot rubber impact pad, after a little under 200 km on them (and it's not like I'm a big guy... I'm 5'5" and about 128 lbs). I was hoping that they'd last me until the end of the year, but it's looking like I might wear out the tread and more before the summer is over. Thinking on it though, I think 300 km might have been the average distance-life of my regular running shoes before I switched over to lower-profile, less-cushioned footwear. I guess I've been spoiled by the heavier duty, full-length Vibram outsoles on the Merrells.

    EDIT: Re-calculated the distance I put on the shoes... I've actually put in less distance in them than I originally thought!
  • Post a pic of your shoe wear, I'd like to compare it to the wear on my own Bionics. I've run over 300km in them. I will post a pic when I have the chance to take a decent one.
  • ZedZed
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    Here's a picture comparing the wear on the GoBionic (~200 km, all on pavement/asphalt) and the Trail Glove (~700 km, on a combination of pavement/asphalt and dirt trails):


    On a positive note, at least I know that I'm landing on my midfoot/forefoot like I've been training myself to do. It was hard to tell with the Trail Gloves because of the lack of significant wear on the Vibram rubber outsole..

  • I almost wish I was as small as you, lol.  Being big sucks for wearing out shoes.
  • @BryanEW710: Yeah, I guess being small does have its (few) advantages when it comes to running.

  • Yeah...300mi is about as much as I can expect shoes to last given my 6'1", nearly 180lb frame.
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    Here's a pic of my Bionics after 300km. Definitely a forefoot striker. I guess the shoes will hold up for another 300km. I'm 6'1" and about 185lb (186cm / 85kg)

  • ZedZed
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    Thinking about it some more, I guess the problem might be with the placement of the black rubber pads and not really about the durability of the exposed midsole material... they seem to be missing in the high abrasion areas for forefoot-ish strikers.
  • Dang...wish I wore my shoes that lightly!
  • Zed,
    I would ignore looking at the grooves in the white part of the midsole in your shoe as a sign of wear, as there was never enough stiffness in that material to provide traction from the texture to begin with (beyond what it would have been if it were smooth).  Your shoes look very lightly worn to me.  Rudy takes my perspective, in that, though his shoes are much more worn than yours, he thinks it's mid-life rather end-of-life.
  • @Lightning_Racer: Yeah, I guess it was a bit of an overreaction on my part, partially motivated by a lot of the reviews I've read of the GoBionic only supposedly showing scuffing after extended use and a (needless) comparison to the Merrell Trail Gloves (which would probably show less wear than most any other running shoe that didn't have a full-length Vibram outsole). To me, what I'm seeing in the GoBionic is a bit more than the scuffing that other people are seeing, but isn't really all that unusual for a running shoe now that I've had more time think about it and compare it to my older, more traditional running shoes (where I should have looked at the heel wear for comparison, instead of the midfoot/forefoot area like I did initially).
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