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Hi all,

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Skechers GoRun 2 shoes after reading the review online.  I'm a bit concerned however that they aren't wide enough to accommodate my wide feet. 

The main things I'm on the lookout for are shoes with enough cushioning for the long daily walks I do(on road), and wide enough to accommodate my wide feet.  I'm also considering the Skechers GoBionic shoes.
I currently wear Vivobarefoot Aqua Lite's but the ground feels a little too hard under my feet(even with the insoles in).

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?



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    The GoRun 2 has a "4 way stretch" upper that is plenty wide enough for my average width foot. I have read that some runners with wide feet find the shoe snug. That being said, if you are using the GoRun 2 for running, it is an awesome shoe and one of my personal favorites. It wouldn't be my first choice for walking though. It has a noticeable hump called "m strike" in the midsole that aids midfoot striking while running. The hump is not noticeable while running, but it is noticeable while walking and may be uncomfortable for some. The GoBionic might be the better choice for walking. It is wider and doesn't have the noticeable hump, although it is zero drop and has less cushion.

    Good luck and hope this helps!
  • You might also want to look at the GoBionic Ride. It has the same upper, but a little more cushion.
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    If you're mainly looking for a 'walking' shoe, then go for the Bionic (but you will want to run in them too!). The fit is super, more room than the GR2, which as Sentzation says, really isn't made for walking. Forefoot is not EXTRA wide, though. If that's a deal breaker, maybe look towards Altra shoes or Merrell (BA2?).
    I also have Vivo Neos, and the GoBionic is a much "smoother" shoe. I'm not so sure the BionicRide really has more cushioning, just a 4mm drop.
  • Thanks for replies.  I'm leaning towards the GoBionic Shoes now.  The reason it's hard to find a comfortable wide shoe is because I'm in the UK.  We don't get Altra or wide New Balance shoes here, otherwise the Altra's look ideal really.
  • Definitely go for the GoBionic for walking, much wider fit. In the UK you could also check out some of the new Inov-8 shoes which tend to have a wide forefoot fit:
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