Managing Spam on the Runblogger Forum

edited April 2013 in General
Hi all,

I've noticed an uptick in spam postings here on the forum over the past few months, and though I've tried to delete accounts as they come in, it has been a challenge to keep up lately. I apologize for this, and wanted to let you know that I spent some time this morning integrating several new forum plugins on the back-end that I hope will cut down on the number of spambots that access the forum (I have blocked thousands just via the email confirmation required at sign-up). My hope is that this will cut down on the number of spam postings here.

I made this offer in another thread, but I'd be happy to provide moderator status to a few of the regulars here if you'd like - it should give you the ability to nuke the spam postings when they slip through. Feel free to message me if you're interested.




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