Saucony Kinvara 4



  • Virratas arrive tomorrow. Can't Wait! My pair of K3's are spent, now rotating Merrell BA2, RG2, NB MT1010, NB MT110, Peregrine 2. Intrigued by the Fastwitch, probably next month. Appreciate the ongoing discussion from all of you.
  • The Kinvara is much more beefy than the Gorun 2's, Fastwitch and Virrata so I won't compare these models.

    I use the Kinvara for my long runs, marathons and ultras because of the great cushioning and then use the lighter shoes (like the GoRuns or Fastwitch) for my speedwork or half marathons.  
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    I agree, they are more forgiving on long runs. I'll definitely keep them in the rotation for long runs and recovery runs.

    Oh, and BTW @Fatboy, I wasn't comparing the Kinvara 4 to those other shoes. I hijacked my own thread and simply stated that I like those other shoes more. If you read the entire thread, I compared the Kinvara 4 to the Kinvara 3. Sorry if I created any confusion.
  • How's the K4 performing so far? Does the cushioning feel softer or stiffer in comparison with the K3? Is the inner of the K4 smoother or basically the same compared to the K3.

  • They are just kind of "meh". I don't hate them and I don't love them. The cushioning feels softer than the K3. The inner is basically the same as far as smoothness, but the toebox feels wider and roomier.
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