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Just got these in today. Went for a short 5 miler in them. Very similar to the Kinvara 3. They feel slightly roomier in the forefoot. The heel collar is definitely lower than the Kinvara 3, but I was never bothered by the heel collar height in the 3's anyway. One difference I did notice almost immediately once I started running is that they aren't as firm as the Kinvara 3, making them slightly less responsive (might be the PowerGrid as opposed to the ProGrid used in the 3's). Overall they felt good and familiar (I've put a ton of miles on Kinvara 3's). I'm looking forward to putting some miles on these and I'll report back when I have.


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    I was reading about how the Kinvara 4 would offer improved cushioning. I suspected that this was what they meant.

    If they aren't as firm as the Kinvara 3, it looks like I'll be waiting for the Kinvara 5.

    At least roomier forefoot is a step in the right direction. At least for the wide-footed amongst us (myself included).
  • I tried some on in store the other day and I thought they felt a great deal softer in the heel. Now I know it isn't just me.
  • Moglesby, glad you felt it too. I thought it may be just me. They feel softer in the forefoot too. Time will tell...
  • Anyone have a comparison on how the (lack of) firmness compares to the Virrata?
    Have run in Kinvara 3's & Peregrine 2's successfully, like the Merrell Bare Access 2, Road Glove 2 as they are firm. Hoping to find a little extra cush on recovery days... 
  • I did read online somewhere that it has a more plush sockliner. Maybe switching that would help slightly.

  • I just pulled the sockliner out of a pair of Kinvara 3's and compared it to the sockliner in my Kinvara 4's. They look and feel identical. The softer feeling is definitely coming from the midsole. Not a bad thing for those that thought the Kinvara 3's were too firm. That being said, I'm not saying the Kinvara 4's are way too soft, just slightly softer than 3's. I'll report back when I put some miles on them, it is way to early to criticize :). Anyways, I just ordered a pair of Fastwitch 5's from Running Warehouse for like $42!! I'm starting to like a firmer shoe for racing and softer for training, but definitely not Asics Gel soft ;)
  • Looking forward to hear your long term thoughts. I finally picked up the 3's on running warehouse clearance, only have a few short runs in them. I finally see what the hype is. My wife has been stocking up on them.
  • Is it a good thing or a bad thing for the Kinvara 4 to have a "plush" feel compared to Kinvara 3? K3's are good enough for what they have but a plush feel is very much welcome (for me i guess). Thanks!
  • I only have two runs in them, so it's too early to tell. The best way to describe them is "slightly softer" and "slightly less responsive".
  • I ran a 15 miler in the Kinvara 4 today. Starting to learn more about this shoe. I really like it for long distance runs. I just don't think it is responsive enough for racing, whereas the Kinvara 3 was my racing shoe for longer races. The more miles I put in this shoe, the more it reminds me of the Kinvara 2 with a slightly more structured upper. That being said, I have two runs in my new Fastwitch and think I found my new race day shoe. I love the responsiveness of the Fastwitch. It has a perfect blend of firmness and cushion.
  • Maybe by the time I wear some shoes down the 4's will start being on sale.
    I have always heard good things about the fastwitch, just never had the opportunity to check them out in person.
  • I really like the Fastwitch. I bought the Fastwitch 5 on liquidation at Running Warehouse. I normally can't wear running shoes with any sort of stability feature, it bothers my feet, legs, and stride, but I don't notice it with these. I own a ton of running shoes and every pair has some sort of minor nuisance that I deal with, usually overshadowed by the good qualities of the shoe. But I can honestly say that I can't find any fault or nuisance with this shoe. I have no aches or weird twinges after running in them. They are super responsive, fairly flexible, lightweight, have enough room in the toebox, and they seem to totally disappear on my feet while running. And best of all, I kind of "stumbled" upon them. I saw that they were $49 (even less with coupon code) and snatched them up.
  • How is the width compared to last years guys? Curious if I will need a 4E.
  • The Kinvara 4 feels just slightly roomier in the forefoot compared to the Kinvara 3. It could be due to the changes in the flexfilm.
  • Update: I ran in my GoRun 2's today. The Kinvara 4's take a backseat to them. FWIW, the GoRun 2's, Virratas, and Fastwitch 5's all rate higher in my rotation than the Kinvara 4's.
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