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New Skechers Models



  • I also bought the Go Bionic prana on Amazon, as a backup for my current Go Bionics. It is nice to see there are some differences  between the original bionics and the prana's:

    1/ The upper has been made of a more breathable material (the dotted part).
    2/ The optional insole has been made a bit thicker, more like the one provided with the Go run 2
    3/ Because of the other material of the upper, the material in the shoe feels a bit less barefoot-friendly than it was in the original Bionics. But I guess it will do a better job to keep the moist out the can get in through the gaps in the sole in the original Bionics. And since I always wear socks, it isn't a problem for me.
    4/ The back of the heel seems to be reinforced a bit more. But maybe it's just that my original Bionics are worn out a bit already.
  • Good info, Rudy.  Is the sizing the same?  How does it compare to the 'regular' GoBionics, and how does it compare to the GoRun 2s?
  • Sizing is exact the same as the original gobionics. I sized up from 11 to 11.5, but that is because my feet have changed shape in the past year. I also have a 11.5 gorun 2, so the same size as the bionic prana, although the bionics are wider. I use the gorun 2 without the provided insole, and I could use the bionic prana with the insole.

    I found out the insole of the prana is still a bit thinner than the one provided with the gorun2
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