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New Skechers Models

edited September 2013 in Skechers
Came across some new models on the Skechers website:

The Ride has a 4mm drop and the Prana is zero (I guess its the successor to the original GoBionic). I've been thinking about getting GoRun 2s for my fall marathon, but the GoBionic Ride certainly looks interesting. Anyone tried out either of these?


  • I tried the GoBionic Ride on in the store. It has basically the same fit as the GoBionic which I wear for daily use. More forefoot room than the GoRun 2s. The GoBionic Ride have a firmer feel than the GR2.
  • love that gray/orange look

  • The Prana is just a different upper material, not a new version of the Bionic per se.
  • In general
    I don’t think there’s a lot of describtion about the different Sketchers models
    on their website – its very difficult to overview the different models.

    Like whats
    the difference between the Ride, Gobionic, Ultra, Ride etc. etc. 

  • Rides are just beefier, more cushioned versions of the regular shoes.

  • edited April 2013
    I can't say the Ride feels more cushioned than the reg Bionic. I would say the BionicRide has a bit more heel than the Bionic, but the forefoot felt exactly the same in terms of flexibility and cushioning; since both shoes advocate a mid- to forefoot strike, this makes BionicRide perhaps a bit redundant imho; if you're not up to running 20+k in the Bionic, the BRide will not be your long run shoe either.
    The GR2 felt great, but I had to go up half a size compared to my Bionics, and even then the fit in the midfoot is way tighter.

    The different material in the Prana pertains not only to the upper, but also the inside of the heel, and for me felt less 'velvety' soft against the skin.

    First run in GR2 scheduled tomorrow, and I'm very much looking forward!
  • Anybody know if the GoBionic Prana has a more durable outsole than the original GoBionic to go with the new upper?
  • i bought a pair of bionic Rides at the Skecher store in Dallas today (you get a pretty decent skecher performance bag to carry them out too!) and walked around in them all day.  when I got back home to Tulsa I took them out for a 5 mile run and wow! I'm hooked.  I have the GoBionics, the GR 2's, and the 1st edition rides (on sale at Skecher outlets for 54.99) so I guess I qualify as a Go series addict!.  The Bionic ride retains the flexibility and wide toe box of the Bionic but pumps in more of the Resalyte stuff to create some more cushioning.  The upper is very comfortable.  Runs a little big so if you are a sockless runner go down half a size.  I'm going to weigh them at work tomorrow but it feels slightly lighter than the GR 2, but it's definitely heftier than the Bionic.  It's only 1 day but this may supplant the GR 2 as my favorite running shoe.  
  • I'm seeing a Go Run Ride Supreme now on Amazon. 
  • How well are you guys doing durability-wise?
  • I've got 300+ miles on two pairs of GR2s and they are still going strong.  Wore them for a half a couple of weeks ago, and will wear them for a 25K next weekend.  They still look and feel so good that that I'm having a hard time convincing my wife to let me buy a new pair of kicks.  Dang Skechers...  :-)
  • I just bought gobionic prana on Amazon for 35.24
  • I have the GR2s in 12 and 12.5.  Anyone with any insight as to how I should order GoBionics, as far as size goes?  Thanks for the tip on Amazon, Dave - gonna get me a pair too, I think.
  • edited September 2013
    The GoBionic Rides are my latest primary road shoe (I've got a bit over 200 miles on them).  I was in the GoRun's before that.  When I was replacing the GoRun's and I tried the GR2's they felt tighter to me and the 1/2 size up felt too loose so I decided to try the GoB Rides (I am not running zero drop due to past issues - so the regular Bionics are not a consideration for me).

    I really like the feel and fit of the GoB's (actually better than the GRs).   My biggest concern with both of the Go shoes I've run in, is the durability of the sole.  When I compare the two models with wear and tear on other models I wear or have worn - It seems like they aren't as good.   

    I recommend them highly (with that one caveat).  
  • edited September 2013
    Shoes companies are nuts. Instead of focusing on a handful of models and perfecting them, they keep bombarding the market with a plethora of tweaked versions and half-baked updates. Let a year or two pass and each portfolio ends up including 20+ models, each with unclear purposes or applications.

    It's like they are constantly shooting pasta at the wall of commerce to see what sticks, because they have no clue what the market will find good enough to buy.

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