Knee injury
  • Well, it has happened. My first injury ever since I started running seriously.
    My left knee has been bugging me for the past week. I've taken a break from running, but it's really driving me insane. I want to run!
    I've been working out on the crosstrainer in the gym the past week, which was ok since it didn't bother my knee at all. So I had a little confidence to do a little try out run yesterday, but I was done within 3 minutes, because I started to feel my knee again. I stopped immediately, because I didn't want to aggrevate anything. I wish I could speed up my recovery a bit. Should I continue with the crosstrainer or should I stay away from it?

  • Where on your knee is it hurting?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Knee pain is so common. I would go see a good physiotherapist or chiropractor who can identify where your muscle imbalance or weaknesses are. It may be that after some rest you need some massage to loosen up the tightness (eg IT band) and some exercises to strengthen the core (eg glutes if you sit a lot during the day).
  • Hmmm hard to describe the exact location of course.
    Left knee,on the right side next to knee cap
    Might be a tendon or something. As I warm up the knee definitely feels better.

  • Good video:

    other item on the web site: If you have knee pain when you go up stairs or climb  hills then
    consider more glutes or calves involvement. If it’s worse going down
    stairs or hills then think more quads or ITB.
  • def need to work on my length strength when my knee is healthy again.
    I always do strength for the upper body, but not nearly often enough for the legs, because I am afraid to do too much with the legs when I am also running a lot
  • I do leg presses on the machine once a week after I run and I also do single leg squats once a week they all help keep my injury free.

  • I'd second seeing a PT if you are worried. Sounds like a patellofemoral issue if it's not on the outside of the knee. Could be related to a hip imbalance, but best to have someone take a look.
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