Easy Day - Running Shoe of Choice?

What shoes do you use for your Easy day runs?

I'm currently switching between my MR00's and my Instinct's, but I think I'm going to add either the GR2's or Virrata to the mix.


  • I just bought an old pair of Instincts to try out for easier days.  To answer your question, I'll ask you one (that is somewhat self serving):

    How were the Instincts working for you?
  • I prefer my Vibram Bikilas. I love the full ground feel, but have transitioned out of wearing them all the time.
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    The sizing of them are a bit odd.  I grabbed a 8.5, a half size up from my normal size, but my toes still jam up against the end of the shoe while going downhill.  It's that slight annoyance that causes me to not use them more often.  I'd size up a full size.

    I ran my first HM in them and they performed great.  They give a great "bounce" back, a complete opposite of the MR00s, to your foot especially with the strengthening insole.  I previously used the memory foam insole, but I haven't looked back ever since I've made the change.  It's far more enjoyable with the thin insole.  But they're a tad too heavy for my liking, apparently 1oz really makes a huge difference on my feet.
  • I've been wearing GR2's and Virratas on easy days. The GR2's have been great for all my workouts. They are very versatile. I find the Virratas are good for easy days and long runs, but not so good for speedwork.
  • Mizuno Wave Ronin 3, Inov8 Road-X 255, or Inov8 Road X-treme 208.

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    Alright, bring this thread back from the dead.  I'm currently running in the NB MR 1400v2 and Saucony Fast Twitch 6.  I've also had good luck in the Saucony A5.

    I've tried the following shoes, they just didn't work out for me:
    Altra The One - This is still in my shoe rotation, but I don't love it.  The high volume of the shoe bothers me.
    Altra Torin - Hated every run with them.  I could never get the fit right.
    Saucony Virrata - Too narrow
    Skechers Go Run 2 - Too narrow / sloppy fit when I sized up
    Saucony Kinvara 4 - Didn't like the ride

    Does anyone else have any other suggestions?  I'm looking for a softer ride.
  • I wear Altra Torin as my everyday walking around the office "work shoe", though I could never imagine running in them. They're stable and roomy, but not secure... if that makes any sense.

    Kinvara 4... too tight upfront. So glad I bought a couple pairs of 3s for the long haul.
    Virrata... now that I think about it, I have the same problem with the Kinvara 4 as the Virrata. They feel like they start constricting at the top of the instep reaching down until the squish my toes. So weird.

    (no experience with The One or SGR2...)

    I decided, just today, to give Brooks Transcend a run. They aren't quite the squishiness of Hoka and they have more stability than the other "maximums" Granted, I've only run 6 miles (today) in them, but all 6 miles were soft but with some support. 

    In my rotation for roads are 3 pairs of Saucony Kinvara 3 (I can't find another road shoe!!) 
    In my rotation for trails are Kinvara TR2, New Balance MT1010, Merrell Sonic Glove and newly added Newton BoCo AT (an attempt at a 'recovery' shoe)

    As you can see, I don't have a lot of road variety, so I'm really, REALLY hoping the Transcend will provide some much needed road recovery days.
  • Have you tried the GoRun Ride? A bit roomier than the GoRun I think with more cushion. Newton Energy might also be worth a look.
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    I rotate lots of shoes, but here are my current easy run tools

    • Brooks Launch - this shoe does everything, and is probably my current all time fave. great cushioning, fantastic upper, light enough to go fast when needed
    • Mizuno Precision 13 (now discontinued) 
    • Skechers GoRun Ultra - I only have about 60 miles on these, very cushy and comfy; but still trying to get a feel for how much I like the ride in these shoes. I know other people say that there isn't much midfoot hump in the GRU, but I can definitely feel it and it's somewhat annoying.  I really want to like this shoe, but for me (so far), it is pretty meh. That being said, I have YET to run with it on trails as we have had a brutal winter in west Michigan

    I have tried on a bunch of other shoes at local running store, as I am doing a similar search as you. So far, I've narrowed it down to Saucony Ride 6 and the Nike Pegasus 30.  

  • Nike Free 3.0v5.  I forget I have them on, super comfortable and soft
  • Have you tried the Instinct 2.0?

    Less stack than the Torin, but, oddly, much softer.  Much.  So different than the old Instincts.  

  • I just picked up a pair of Nike Pegasus 30 and they seem like an excellent easy run shoe. I did 15 miles in them yesterday straight out of the box with no problems whatsoever.  Very comfortable upper and excellent cushioning.
  • I wear my most minimal shoe, the Skora Core, for my under hour easy runs or my warm up & cool down for longer/harder workouts. I like mixing it up with the very minimal shoe and a thicker shoe :)
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