Any Runner with Gout?

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Any runner here who has GOUT?

I have gout and i started running last 2011, but last december of 2012 when i run more than 10k i suffer a terrible gout attack after 2 days which last almost 3 weeks. Usually my gout only last for 3 to 5 days.

Does any runner here have experience this?

Any shoes recommendation? Right now I'm using Nike LunarGlide 4 and Merrell Barefoot but i noticed that when i use the Nike LunarGlide my mid-foot always hurt for the first 2 km unlike with Merrell Barefoot but I'm afraid that without any cushion i might injure myself.

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  • I have gout that I have been able to almost completely address through changes in my diet. At first, I thought it was my shoes too, but I can almost guarantee it's your diet and possibly your weight. If you keep your weight down and dramatically cut down on your Purine intake--things like beer (major bummer), shell fish, mushrooms, and brewer's yeast (sweet breads), you will reduce your gout flare-ups. When I feel a flare-up coming on I immediately take a prescription strength anti-inflammatory that clears it up.

    Best of Luck
  • You say your midfoot hurts after using the Lunarglide? I had the first version of the Lunarglide and usually had an ache in my arch after any runs over a few miles. I always figured it was the foam wedge that was in the midsole.
  • I haven't got any attack for more than 3 years. i'm pretty sure its not with my shoes too but i'm just having trouble with my current shoes.

    moglesby is it possible that lunarglide drop is 12mm?
  • According to running warehouse the current model is 11mm

  • According to running warehouse the current model is 11mm
  • If it's Gout- you already might know that it is caused from a uric acid build-up. Read about Black Cherry extract and avoiding seafoods. This is an inflammatory condition and will cease with attention to the cause.
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