Comparison of The Instinct and Torin?

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Has anyone run in both shoes?  Which would you prefer for low miles?  For the record, I'm about 6'1" 180lbs.


  • Better late than never.  Right?

    Anyway, I have just recently started to compare the Instinct with the Torin.  

    Toebox.  The Instinct has a great toebox.  Wide, spacious.  I just spread out.  My Instincts are size 11.5.  So I bought a pair of 11.5 Torin.  Disaster.  Tight, narrow.  After I finished the first run, the side of my big toe hurt.  So I took my trusty razor knife and *ventilated* the hard material along the side of the big toe.  Much better.  The Torin improved to acceptable.  But nothing like the spacious Instincts.  

    Sizing.  If I get another pair of Torin I will go up a full size and get 12.5.  Really strange.  It is the same company.  

    Cushion.  The Torin is very comfy, but you lose some ground-feel.  The Instinct is adequate for my mid-foot strike.  Maybe a little more heel cushion would be nice on the Instinct, but nothing hurts.  

    Weight.  I was surprised to see that on my scale the Torin is about 0.5 oz lighter.  I had expected that the thicker sole would make it heavier.  
    For low miles, I would use Instinct.


  • The sizing doesn't surprise me.  The Instinct and The One are also sized differently.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • The Torin has a smaller toe box?  I thought all Altra's had super wide toe boxes?  Not true?

  • The Torin has rigid material surrounding the toebox.  It is very different from the Instinct. 
  • I haven't run in the Instinct, so I can't compare, but I find that my Torin has a spacious toe box and I don't have any rubbing on my pinky toe. This has been a problem for me in shoes like the Kinvara, so I was happy about it. I also have the same size 13 that I wear in other shoes (again no comparison with the Instinct).

    I agree that you lose some ground feel in the Torin, but I actually like it when I use them for more of a recovery run.

    I am also interested in trying the Instinct as a faster shoe.

  • Heard the Torin has a lot of heel slippage is this true 
  • I have about 100 miles on my Torin's including one soggy and cold 10 mile run. No noticeable heal slippage.
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