Hello all

I have developed a couple of considerable calous build ups on my feet each just befor the big toes starts. I may have had a blister or two in the same spot in the past. They hurt on and off during running

My question is, do I remove them? I take it my body thinks I need them. I am running the la marathon this weekend ( my first). I don't want to make a mistake in removing them ahead of the race unless this group advises to go ahead and do that

Thanks in advance


  • Honestly, if it's not hurting, don't do anything until after the marathon.
  • If anything you could try those little callous remover pads. They're kinda like small medicated bandaids.

    If the shoe is too tight or loose in that spot you could try different lacing patterns.
  • FWIW, my only fear is that if you open up some "new" skin, you leave yourself open to 26+ miles of rubbing and irritation.  To me, if it's not hurting horribly, it's just not worth the risk.  Kind of one of those "don't change anything right before your race" recommendations.
  • That is a good point
  • thanks for the responses (was sitting in the waiting room for wife's pregnancy check up).  I wasnt real articulate but I was asking the question with the concerns in mind of:

    a) exposing the skin once again, maybe a blister or two would be the reward during the 26.2

    b) dont change anything prior to race (as a general rule)


    Honestly though, they can be rather uncomfortable while running.  It sort of comes and goes.  What was most concerning is that they bothered me during the 8 mile taper run this last week.

    I am thinking maybe compromise.  Wear them down a little but not enough to leave me unprotected.


    I have another pre marathon question I will post in another thread

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