Help me decide which shoe to wear for my next marathon

I don’t
know if you guys have tried this before (I’m 90% sure you have :P ), but I got
a major shoe crisis before my next competition!

I’m going
to run Hamburg marathon in april (one of the biggest German marathons) and want
to see, if I can set a new pr. at 3.15.

I just don’t
know, which shoes to pick!

I got the Saucony Mirage 2 which is pretty firm in the cushioning and the
Brooks Pure Flow which is a bit more soft and a lot more flexible. Both are
great shoes but which one would be best for a marathon!

I’m a
medium large runner at 174 pounds and I’m from Denmark so sorry for my bad English

So help me guys - which shoe
would you pick and why?

P.S. Loved
reading your book Peter!

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