Saucony Kinvara 3

Thought I would start a thread on the Kinvara 3 so other runners who share the same affinity with the shoe as I do can post their thoughts.

I know I have been openly praising the Virrata and GoRun 2's on this forum, but I always find myself going back to my Kinvara 3's. The Virratas are awesome for training, but I find they don't feel as fast as the Kinvara's (maybe too soft or flexible for racing). They are definitely not as durable as the Kinvara 3's. The GoRun 2's are incredible, but the uppers don't quite secure the foot like the Kinvara's, and it is noticeable when doing speedwork or racing. I've PR'd in every distance I've raced and have accumulated my share of age group awards in the Kinvaras and did it again yesterday in an 8K. 37:28 was my time, modest for some, fast for me. Good enough for an age group medal (3rd). I thought about trying the GoRuns or Virratas for the race, but don't think I would have had the same results. I don't even own racing flats anymore, don't need too, just use my Kinvaras. And did I mention, it is also my favorite long run shoe, providing just enough support and cushion when the going gets tough (or long).

Just thought this shoe deserved it's own post on this forum. I've had all 3 versions of the Kinvara and like this one the best. The forefoot is wider and durability is WAY better than version 1 and 2. They are slightly firmer (still soft) giving them more "pop" (responsiveness). I have 2 pairs of Kinvara 3's in my rotation and 1 pair on order. The looks of the Kinvara 3 are second to none. I have the red/black/citron fade with 200 miles, the black/red fade with 50 miles, and the limited edition black/citron/vizipro on order from Amazon. To date, in my opinion, they are the best and most versatile running shoe I have ever owned!


  • I don't know why it took me so long to get a pair of these. My son got them right when they came out and loves them. I just got some and have felt so confident with them that my first two times I've used them have been for my weekly long run. I totally agree with you, they seem very versatile. I got one of the older colors at RoadRunner for about $64 with VIP and an extra 10% off I found. I always found the Kinvara 1 & 2 a little narrow, but the 3s solved that fit issue for me.
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    They are most likely going to be my next shoe purchase. I know my wife loves hers.
  • I'm amazed at how common these shoes seem to be.  Kudos to Saucony.
  • The shoe works so well for so many people. I've seen them on everyone from beginners to 5K race winners to ultra marathoners. It's the one shoe that I have no reservations recommending to anyone. My elementary school daughters both wear them too. My older one wore them for her first 5K in December.
  • The biggest problem I got with the Kinvaras is the price in Europe :)
    Its much more expensive than the Mirage 2 (which is 30-40% cheaper) even though its almost the same shoe. The Triumph 9 is also much cheaper. 


  • Kinvara =  new Jazz?
  • I don't understand how one shoe can be suitable for so many different people. How is this possible? It seems to fly in the face of the underlying principle that everyone is different.
  • It's true everyone is different. But it was bound to happen that eventually a shoe would be designed that covered the widest area of a bell curve. It seems Kinvara 3 could be it.
  • Well stated moglesby!
  • Hence the Jazz comparison.

    (My very, very first pair of actual running shoes back in my Freshman year of high school was a pair of Jazz's)
  • I'm unfamiliar with the Jazz as a running shoe. I did have a pair of Jazz originals once as a casual sneaker. I can't even remember what some of my old running shoes were in high school. I wasn't that serious of a runner until 4 years ago though.
  • The Jazz has been around in various guises for decades now.  There was a variant for everyone. 

    You'll just have to trust me on this one, lol
  • Another thumbs up to the Kinvara 3!! Only gripe is a little snug near the toes in size 15. :) Rotating these shoes with zero drop Merrells. The Kinvara 3 is always so comfortable to go back to. I wonder how the Kinvara 4 will stack up this summer.

  • I am also curious to see how the Kinvara 4 will stack up. I am kind of hoping that the addition of powergrid cushioning won't make the shoe too soft. I like the fact that the 3's are firmer than the first two iterations.
  • My local running shoe shop doesn't even stock Saucony, so I am pretty unfamiliar with this brand. With so much overwhelming praise in this and countless other threads, I think I need to go in search of a pair.
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