Skechers GoTrain opinions?

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I've been looking into getting a reasonably priced, less built-up shoe suitable for use in circuit training and the occasional short sprints to alternate with my Merrell Trail Gloves (which are excellent, BTW, but I want to introduce some variety in my shoe rotation). Given the generally positive feedback Skechers' Go line of shoes have gotten from the community and the description from the product page, the Skechers GoTrain seems like a good choice (also, they're on sale at my local shoe store). Reviews from people who actually use the shoe for the purpose it was designed for seem pretty thin on the virtual ground, though. Does anybody out there have any experience with the shoes in an actual circuit training/CrossFit scenario? I'm especially wary of the "stability pods" on the outsole... seems like they might actually interfere with forefoot flexion, ground feel, and/or cause pronation issues. 


  • I don't have any experience with the GoTrain's but I highly recommend the New Balance MX20's.  I think they just came out with a v3, but I'm still using the original ones.  I used them exclusively for my boot camp classes and they never got in the way of a workout.
  • Thanks for the suggestion. Will see if the local shop has them in stock as well.
  • Well, I ended up going with the GoBionic instead. The GoTrain just felt a bit too stiff for my needs... my workouts need the extra flexibility that the GoBionic offers and I don't really do anything that needs the stabilizing outrigger "pods" that the GoTrain has. 
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