Half and Full Marathon Shoe Recommendation?

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Hi all-
I'm looking for some advice from the collective wisdom massed here in the forum.  I'm in the middle of training for a half marathon PR (okay, it's my first half so I know it'll be a PR) in May, and then a fall marathon (also a PR, if you get my drift...).  Anyhow, I've been running in Skechers Go Run 2s, which I really like - I like the fit, the feel, and the colors, even.  What I'm finding, though, that for my longer runs the Skechers seem like they may be too minimal, like they might not have enoigh cushioningl (I had them out for a 10-miler today). My legs feel okay, but my ankles and feet feel especially tired.  I'm wondering about folks who have done for halfs and fulls in shoes like these. In other words, would it be better to look for another shoes for longer distances, and keep using the GR2s for speed work/hills, and shorter runs?

I think the transition to lower drop shoes is complete, so I'd be up for a low drop, or even zero drop.  I've been lusting after a pair of Altra Instincts (1.5s) since I took them for a spin at my local running store.  After reading about the Torins here and elsewhere, I'm thinking that the extra cushioning might be a good thing for me.  Also, really intrigued by the Altra Ones when they come out in a month. 

Sorry for the long post - any advice would be very welcome - low drop, big toe box.  I tried on the Virratta, and the toe box felt too narrow.  I also have a running buddy who won't shut up about his Green Silences.  Thanks in advance.


  • I ran my first half in Kinvara 3s and they worked great.

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    +1 for the Kinvara 3's. But that being said I do find the GoRun 2's to work fine for longer distances. The Kinvara 3's have a little more "structure" in the uppers which might help out with your ankles.

    Altra Instinct 1.5's are nice too, but I strangely feel slower in them compared to the Kinvaras or GoRun 2's.
  • I took a pair of GR2's out for a 19 miler last weekend - I didn't have too much trouble, but if you've decided that they're not it for your race then no biggie. Uitmately, you'll need to be both comfortable and confident in your gear.   I could see you doing well in the Kinvara 3 if the drop isn't an issue and the Virrata feels too narrow .  Anything in this neighborhood will offer a bit more protection and (in my experience, like Sentzation's) hug the ankle a bit better. 

    I agree with Sentzation's take on the Altra's as well.  I feel almost overly 'earth-bound' in them.

  • I just ran my my first marathon in Saucony Grid Type A5s.  It wasn't too little shoe for me, although I've done most of my long runs in the Altra Instinct and NB MR00's.  Definitely try a couple shoes and see what works best for you.  The Kinvara is a great recommendation.  The Cortana is another option, as it has a 4mm drop but with a significant amount of cushioning.

    I would avoid using the Altra's for a full marathon as they would hammer your calves.  I like a little heel drop on any racing shoe to save my legs.
  • I did my first half marathon recently in a pair of Nike Lunaracers, in great part because of the great cushioning. I had the Kinvara 1, Skecher GoBionics and GoRuns at the time and I feel like I made the right choice. For cushioning I rank it as better than my kinvaras. Slightly cushier and far more responsive. No support, though, as its a racer, and I began to feel it in my knees and ankles around mile 11.
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