Wave Universe 5 Sneak Peek

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Running Warehouse has a sneak peek up: http://blog.runningwarehouse.com/rs/mizuno-wave-universe-5-sneak-peek/

2.8 oz... insane.


  • Looks like they shaved a lot of weight off of the toe box though. My favorite feature of the 4 is the size of the toe box. Bummer.
  • The Wave Universe 4 has quickly become one of my favorite shoes. Very light, a little cushioning, a flexible upper with a wide toe box and a few mm drop. I recently ran a 1.40 half marathon PR in them during a training run. And since they're now available for 38.50 at Amazon they're affordable too.

    But I can hardly believe that a 2.8oz shoe is possible...
  • As with everything on Amazon, you have to actually specify which size is available for that price.  My size will still cost me over $100...
  • My god, that is one ugly shoe and this comes from a guy who loves the color scheme of the Levitas....
  • They don't even make the universe in my size. stupid 14

  • @Rudy...what size are you seeing the Universe 4 for so cheap?
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    They're only in the Orange color that cheap. I purchased them 2 days ago for 38.50, size 12, last pair available. Right now size 13 and 9 and smaller are still available for that price.
  • Ahhhh, ok.  Good deal.  Thank you for the clarification :-)
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