Skechers GoRun Ride - First Impression

Picked up a pair of Skechers GoRun Rides for $55 this week from Amazon. I can't pass up a deal, so I figured I would try them out for recovery runs.

The fit feels very similar to my GoRun 2's, but with slightly more room in the toebox. The uppers are slipper-like and silky smooth and anyone who owns anything from Skechers Performance Division already knows this. I don't have a scale like Pete's, but the people at Skechers say they weigh 7.9 oz. in men's size 9 (I don't know what that translates to in my 11.5's). They are about an ounce heavier than my GoRun 2's and I can barely tell the difference. As a matter of fact, they are almost identical in weight to my Kinvara 3's, but feel lighter than the Sauconys. They have a 4 mm heel-to-toe differential, but strangely it feels lower (similar experience in my GoRun 2's). Honestly, the heel-to-toe drop feels more like my zero drop Saucony Virratas. They are very flexible, again just like the GoRun 2's.
The ride is very nice, especially after a hard speedwork session. They definitely have less ground feel than most minimal shoes, but definitely have a spot in my rotation. I just ran 6 days in row including a 12 mile progression run and a 6 mile speedwork session yesterday and took these out for a 3 mile recovery run today. Let me tell you, these shoes were a welcome change to my wiped out legs and feet!

I only have a couple runs in these shoes, but I definitely recommend them to anyone who regularly wears minimal shoes and is looking for a nicely cushioned recovery or even LSD run shoe or for someone running in traditional running shoes looking for a transitional shoe.

Another great product from Skechers Performance Division!


  • I tried some on in a Skechers outlet and couldn't seem to find a size that fit me right.  Might have to give them another try.
  • While I've not put many miles on, Skechers gets high marks from me for giving something a shot (GoRun) and listening to the feedback from the running public and removing that Shape-Up-ish bump from the midfoot.  I've heard Skechers designers/executives talk about making their shoes more 'accessible' to a wider spectrum of runners, which I feel they're doing an excellent job of.

    I agree with you, they're super quick, super soft in the upper, and have a great ride.  

    I am currently doing most of my miles in the Newton Distance, so something cushy is a welcome change - even is a nice off day shoe to wear around...sure beats my Toms on off days :)
  • @ Sentzation, i'm happy to read your comments on the GoRun Ride because i just bought a pair last week for around 50$ on Amazon and i can't wait to try them...i have already the GoBionic and really like them but wanted something with a little bit more cushion. At this price, that's a really good deal!

    How would you compare the GR Ride with the Saucony Virrata? I know that the Virrata is a zero drop but what about the toe box, the flexibility and the feeling on the road?

  • I exchanged a pair of the Skechers GoRun Speeda for these, basically going th exact opposite way of the Speeds.

    Love them. One of my favorite shoes I've ever run in. Did a tempo run and a long run in them and I compare them favorably to the gorun 1. Slightly better because of the more accommodating fit.

    The only issue now is that it appears the left shoe has a manufacturing defect that ill have to exchange in again for...
  • I have over 500 miles in my pair, having used them to train and race in a fall marathon and a January half. As Sentzation writes, these shoes are a very reasonable weight and yet for me gentler on my legs than lighter shoes -- they are in the middle of my sweet spot.

  • @ugoland, I don't have that many miles on the GoRun Rides yet (too many shoes in my, but I have put some miles on the Virratas. That being said, I would say flexibility wise they are similar to the Virratas maybe slightly less flexible. The GoRun Rides feel a tad wider in the toebox, but I am finding the Virratas roomy enough after I went up a half size. The GoRun Rides do have less road feel than the Virratas, the stack height is higher and they feel that way. The main reason I bought them is because I couldn't pass up the on the deal. I've been using them strictly on recovery runs after tough workouts to give my legs and feet a break and they have been awesome so far for that purpose.
  • Bad news...tried the GoRun Rides for my 12 miler today and they failed miserably. They felt like too much shoe and, as the miles clicked away, the softness was annoying me. Almost as if I was trying to push too hard through all that cushioning to feel the ground. I experienced pain in both knees post run that subsided about an hour after I finished. I haven't experienced knee pain like that since before I transitioned from heelstriking to forefoot striking and minimalist type shoes over 2 years ago. I guess I'll have to stick to my Virratas, Kinvara 3's, GoRun 2's, or Instincts for my long runs! (I've had zero issues with those).
  • Sorry to hear that, Sentzation. I'm hoping these will actually work out as my long run trainers (for me long runs are 5-6 miles as I mostly compete at 5K distances). I've written up an early impression entry for my blog after 12 miles. I've gotten blisters but that's disappeared in my last run. I had some pain in my left thigh but I think that was due to a defective pair that I exchanged back. I completely agree with the softness and lack of groundfeel in these, but for me personally, I came into it expecting that and actually kind of wanting it, so I'm ok with it. Overall, I'm having a positive experience with it as "light and comfy" shoe rather than a "light and speedy" shoe. I'll cross my fingers and hope I don't end up with join pains once if I push it further with these!

  • I picked up a new pair from Amazon for $48. I've never seen a shoe that I like this much at a price like that.
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