An upgrade? sidegrade? Or downgrade?

Hi folks. Been lurking the net for my next go-to shoes. Can i have your opinions please regarding this matter? I'm currently rotating on Brooks Purecadence1 and Puredrift, being the former as my choice for long distances and half marathons. What i do like about the Purecadence is that it is very durable. I believe i am on my 400 miles+ and this shoes is not about to give up, not yet. In fact, i think i can get another 100 miles in them before ditching them out. Well, since i'm getting ready for their retirement, i'm on the look for a replacement and I'm eyeing the Kinvara 3. I have my doubts though on K3 regarding durability as i have read on different blogs/reviews about premature wearing, and like everyone does, i would like to get 400 miles + out of them. I'm 5'7" feet in height and weighs at 138 lbs, midfoot striker and spend most of my runs on road/pavements. My question is, is Kinvara 3 an upgrade? Sidegrade? Or downgrade from Brooks Purecadence? Or should i just consider buying the version 2 of Purecadence since the version 1 works well for me?

Thanks for any inputs you will share.


  • I would get the PureCadence 2 because it seems to be just as good or better than the original, and is otherwise familiar territory.
  • I had the Kinvara 3 and really liked it.  However the cushion died at about 250 miles.  After that I went with even less shoe as the Kinvara is a transition type of shoe and a good one but I wanted to be a little closer to the ground.
  • I can't speak for the PureCadence (never tried them), but I did have PureFlows (similar outsoles) and they are more durable than Kinvara 3's. IMO the Kinvara 3 is a FAR more superior shoe than the PureFlow and I don't mind if I have to replace them 100 miles sooner.

    PureCadence: $120. Kinvara 3: $89.95. Probably equal cost per mile go with whatever feels better.
  • @ BRYANEW710 :

    Exactly what i had in mind. If it works, stick to it. But then, with all the buzz surrounding how great the K3s are, i'm intrigued. I still have enough time to decide though. 

    @ STEVEL :

    i have my Puredrift for that minimalist feel, unfortunately, durability is at question since after getting 200 kilometers in them, the inner mesh on the upper of my right shoe's already torn. With that said, i am reeling away from these minimalist shoes for now until i find something that can offer me good and reliable durability.


    Superior in what way? Can you explain a little bit further? Because i am not ditching that option either, the pureflows..

    Thanks guys for the responses. 
  • Have you considered some Altras?

  • PureFlows were too cushioned and too mushy for my taste. As I said, it is just my opinion. Others may like PureFlows. I could never get them to work for me, especially for faster training. Kinvara 3's are firmer, more responsive, lighter, and fit me better. The uppers feel better and they breath better than the Flows too. Kinvaras are one of the most cushioned pair of running shoes I own and I generally wear them for longer runs and marathons, when I need the extra cushioning.
  • @ BRYANEW710 :

    No go on Altras as they are not available in my country (Philippines, Manila), and shipping from the outside will cost a fortune. 


    (thinking to myself : well, i can also get those extra cushioning, breathable mesh, better fit, in my Purecadence.. hmm)

    Oh well, that's a plus again for the K3s.. Making it even more hard for me to decide. 

    Oh yeah, i just remembered, it's about the Kinvara 4s, about the foam being upgraded from Progrid to Powergrid. What's the difference between the 2 technologies?
  • Powergrid is Saucony's "premium" cushioning. It's suppose to be more plush than ProGrid.
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    So, do you think it is a good upgrade from the already good cushioning found on K3s? I mean, you know how the K3s feel, and making it more plush is something maybe you could have wished for?
  • Honestly, I won't know until I try them.
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    Hah! Sorry for harassing you. I think the Kinvara 4 looks promising. I guess i'll just ask my local store to grant me atleast a week for returns/exchange and will try first the Kinvara 3 and if things dont go my way, i'll just get the Purecadence2.(sucks i know that our local stores here in manila doesnt have the 30-days-return blah blah)

    Thank you sentzation for the inputs.

    Anyone out there that can help and give inputs about the shoes i mentioned? Im listening. Thanks.
  • No problem...I enjoy talking about anything running related!
  • You can also look at the skechers shoes, the Go Bionic is a great one...
  • hi UGOLAND. Unfortunately, like what i've said, i'm steering away from minimalist shoes such as the Go Bionic, mainly because of the cost-per-mile ratio. I still have my Puredrifts with my rotation, so i'm sticking to it as long as it gives up on me.. Thinking of replacing them with the Virratas but for now i'm only considering shoes with good durability and can keep up on me in long runs. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  • You might also take a look at the Saucony Mirage. It's Saucony's equivalent to the Cadence - more rubber under the sole should make it more durable than the Kinvara. 
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