First 25K Trail Run - Need Advice

edited September 2012 in Training
I'm doing my first long trail race in January up on Orcas island in the San Juan Islands Washington state.  This run has some pretty steep running both up and down.  I have a good pair of trail shoes in the Mix Master 2 but I'm wondering if people have any advice for this kind of running either in the training or technique.  I'm especially worried about the longer steeper down hill portions.  I would really like to complete this race with my knees still working.  Thanks for any and all advice!


  • Your turnover rate will probably need to increase when descending; I was told to keep my stride short and be aware of my legs landing under me (i.e., no overstriding/braking). It also helped to have somewhat chicken wing elbows -- slightly flared out -- for balance, as opposed to closer to your body when on flatland. Don't lean back as you're going to end up heel-striking and hurting your knees, but again, if you shorten your stride, you should be able to remain dynamic. :)
  • Thanks for this!  Good points on avoiding heal striking on the downhill portions.
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