Looking for advice on peroneus brevis pain...

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I have been having issues in my lower legs, on the outsides, from the ankle bone up approximately 8". Its is a pain that develops the day after a trail run and is most apparent when pushing off with my forefoot. This only happens from trail running and not from road running. I understand that the movements are much more dynamic on trails and my form is slightly different but these trails are not extremely technical (rolling singletrack with a lot of switchbacks/direction change). I have looked into supination/underpronation and am wondering if I might need an insole or a shoe to support my foot differently when running off road. I rotate between three different trail shoes (Brooks Pure Grit, Cascadia, and Saucony Peregrines) and find I encounter the same issues with each. I also use several items to assist in loosening the tissue (foam roller, "rolling pin", lacrosse ball). I would appreciate any advice, especially from anyone who has encountered these same issues or issues similar.


  • I had a similar issue very recently.  I tried resting and looked up some techniques online which helped but it never went completely away (after a month).  I ended up doing two things which helped it eventually subside.  1) Went to PT where they used a technique to loosen things up (Graston Technique) and also confirmed what I was doing and showed me additional ways to roll the area myself (daily). The 2) item was switching from my black foam roller to the TriggerPoint tools, which really made a difference (the foam roller really wasn't enough for me)  using the TP tools has made a huge difference in my chronically tight calves and the peroneals.  If you look on one of their web pages (http://tptherapy.com/unlock-your-body-anatomy-calf.php) there are a few pictures (3rd and 5th ones down on the right) that show examples for the peroneus muscles.  I continue to use the TP tools daily before (and after I run) to keep my issues at bay. 

    Good Luck - from what I read and experienced they can be a bugger to resolve...


  • If you're experiencing the same issue in all 3 shoes it may be worthwhile to see someone who can take a look at things and maybe see if you have an issue that might be helped with a technique like Graston, ART etc. It does seem like a mediolateral stability issue if the peroneals are the problem and it only happens on trails.
  • I appreciate the advice...I tried a more comprehensive stretching routine and began rolling the area on the outside of my calves periodically throughout the day. I have also attempted to ensure I maintain my center of gravity directly over my axis of propulsion while running the trails instead of relying on my leg muscles to power me around turns, even if I'm off balance. The addition of a cold soak in the tub after my shorter runs has resulted in a significant drop in the level of pain. I hope it continues to do so.
  • Excellent, hope things continue to improve!
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