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Any thoughts on the MT1010 trail shoe? I just got some INOV-8 Trailroc 245s because my MT20's just weren't enough protection from pointy rocks and sticks. It sounds like the MT1010s are going to be close to the MT101s but with a fit like the rest of the minimus line with a wider forefoot.


  • Haven't tried yet, probably will be one of the next on my purchase list.
  • The 1010 makes the 101 seem like a bulldozer. I tried on the 1010, but did not purchase. I'm just not a fan of the upper. It's very similiar to the MT20 upper, which is rough and coarse to the touch.

  • I am in absolute love with the 1010 however there is one big drawback for me. The ankle fits very loose so tons of debris gets in regardless of how tight I tie them. I could put in lots of miles in the 1010 if it wasn't for that.
  • The MT1010's are fantastic trail shoes. I tried them on half a dozen times before finally purchasing them. I was hesitant because of the construction of the upper as mentioned by others. I am glad I finally pulled the trigger. They provide a good balance of light weight and protection.
  • Put 70 miles on them and returned them. The soles are a bit large - both in cushion and width - compared to the MT-110. They have the same low / wide ankle area that allows more debris than I'd like; but 101 / 110 / 1010 are all that way. They are light - much lighter than their obvious size (relative to MT00, for example) appears. 

    Main reason I returned them / didn't like them is they're pretty squishy compared to the firm 101/110 ride. I've come to like that firm ride and even with the low toe-heel rise and generally low ride, the squishy was more than I like. But I go between MT110 and MT00 with a little 730 and A5 here and there, so YMMV. 

  • Seems these might solve the debris issue:
  • I just got a tweet from New Balance UK after asking them if these shoes will be available in the UK any time (they are not at the moment) and they have told me that the MT1010 V2 will be coming out in the Autumn/Winter so it will be interesting to see how they have addressed the durability concerns people have raised on other forums and in the review section on the New Balance website. This could perhaps suggest that they held off from releasing the V1 in the UK because of the problems that people have had in the US.....
  • I've seen a photo of the MT1010 v2, hard to say if they look more durable, but the upper has been changed a bit.
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