Left foot falling asleep

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Recently on my runs I've been experiencing a sort of numbness in my left foot. It kind of feels like it falls asleep, and it goes away almost immediately after a run. I've experienced this before and attributed it to poor-fitting shoes. Recently I've transitioned from Saucony Mirages (which felt fine) to New Balance MR00s and Skechers GoRuns. With both the MR00s and the GoRuns I get the numb sensation. I've done a bit of online research and it seems like the usual cause of this is the shoes being too tight or the laces rubbing on the top of the foot. I'm going to try out lacing them differently to see if that works but I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this?

Seeing as how it didn't happen with shoes that have some support but is happening with minimal/neutral shoes, could it be some sort of pronation issue?


  • I'd lean toward the tightness being a factor - do you live in a cold area where you are also now wearing thicker socks? I find the NB's to run a bit narrow through the midfoot, wonder if that relates?
  • Well, since I wrote that post, I changed the way I lace the Go Runs (skipped a loop near middle of my foot) and the problem went away (at least for one 3-mile run). Unfortunately, the next day, I had some pretty bad pain in my right foot, towards the forefoot, when walking out of my apartment for a run. I skipped the run and haven't run since (only a matter of days). I re-laced my MR00s to skip the same loop I was on the Go Runs, so I'll see how that works out.
  • How are things going?
  • The MR00s worked out pretty well. I think the pain in my right foot was a bit of tendonitis, so after a few days of blizzard-induced rest it feels better. Still have some stiffness, but nothing while running. I just got a pair of Merrell BA2s and went on my first run in them this morning. Great shoe. 
  • Put in a 13.5 mile run in the BA2s yesterday and had some soreness in my right foot. Pretty sure it's not related to the shoe; just didn't take enough time off to recover from the probable tendonitis. It is odd that it generally doesn't bother me while running. Because of that, I haven't seen much reason for stopping training.

  • Man...wish I could get 13.5 in my BA2's.  I haven't gone farther than 6mi continuously...I definitely need some strengthening before I can do that!
  • Maybe that's why I got this nagging injury... oh well.
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