MT110 Update

Anybody tried out the 110 update yet? Curious to see if that 1mm makes a difference.


  • There is at least one commenter in this post that has tried it and found a positive difference, but I am also interested to hear from others. I am actually waiting for my first pair of the old model - got them so cheap that they are worth a try. Will just have to be aware of any early signs of foot problems when I run.
  • I can't wait to get mine. This sounds promising and correcting the lateral lift problem would give me an easier time using these on road and trail.
  • Well I got mine in and confirm the platform is now flat. If they had done this with the last generation I feel this would be most peoples number 1 trail shoe for 2012. Fortunately they resolved this. 
  • Glad to hear it! Incidentally I did my very first run in the old model yesterday, and though I could certainly feel the lateral edge on the road going to my nearest trail, once on the snowy path it completely vanished. Still it wouldn't hurt to be totally rid of that lift, so I might just get some power tools out and take care of it myself.
  • I've been running in the MT110 winter and it seems to be pretty flat as well. Glad it has improved!

  • Yes, it somewhat surprised me to learn that you ran in a version of a shoe that was on your list of most disappointing shoes last year, but that explains a lot ;)
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