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I've been looking for a new racing shoe for 5k races and this one sounds almost spot on. I've had the Ronin 2's now for a year and love the stiff spring I get from them for speed work on the roads. Has about the right amount of cushion for me when I'm looking to do shorter fast runs. Main problem is the high heel drop and my tendency to "catch" the ground with my heel in them, something that disappears in my 6mm and lower dropped shoes. It hasn't caused any injuries but it's just distracting for me. Has anyone tried the Ekidens and can comment on the amount of cushioning? They are mighty expensive but if the cushioning is closer to the ronin 2s (which was before ap+, btw) than the universe 4s then I'll make the dive, as my ronins to this day are still my best fitting shoes and I actually like the mild heel counter on them.


  • I just got the Ekidens, but have not run in them. To be clear, are you looking for firm, stiff cushioning? I'll follow up after I run in them. Another shoe that might meet your needs is the Adidas Hagio if this is the kind of feel you want.
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    For the ronins I like the stiffness it keeps for the springy racer pop. But I do love that its surprisingly flexible due to those groove cuts mizuno puts in the sole. As for cushioning I personally feel like its on the softer side of firm. What I'm hoping for in the Ekidens would be a lower drop but cushioning somewhere between the universe and ronins. I tried the universe and it was just too little in the cushioning for me.

    Would appreciate the feedback, Pete! And are they ever coming out with the Skechers gorace??
  • SKECHERS GoSpeed will be in stores this April
  • I presume you mean "GoRace".
  • I decided to just buy a pair from road runner sports to try out as they have a 60-day return policy for VIPs if they didn't work out for me.

    Just wanted to drop in and let anyone looking to get a pair to know that they almost definitely run half a size small and I've got several pics to prove it, as I purchased two pairs, one in my normal size and one half a size up. I've been comparing it to the mizuno ronin 2s for the past hour because while I'm learning towards keeping the half size larger (and the ronin 2s have been my gold standard for fitting since I've started running), the upper material seems possible that it'll stretch out half a size after a few runs.

    Will update.

  • I decided to just start up a blog and write up a preview for these shoes. I'm sure the Ekidens run small compared to my Ronin 2s of the same size, but maybe only a 1/4 size small now that I've stretched them up a little. I've put details and pictures here:

  • Nice write-up. The "Wave plate" in the Universe isn't a wave plate at all...just a piece of midsole foam colored a different color and cut to look like a wave. If you push into it with your fingernail, you'll see that all it is is the same material as the rest of the midsole. Is the Ekiden the same? It looks that way from the pictures, but it's hard to tell without actually holding the shoe.
  • Hi beckip. Yeah, I don't think Mizuno was even really trying to fool anyone with the Ekiden. There's no false-colored foam that they're calling the Wave plate sandwiched between the black and white pieces of foam like I recall in the Universe when I tried that briefly. When I press into the Ekiden plate it feels like regular EVA/ap+ foam and you can see it's just a continued piece of the midsole. I'll definitely post up clearer pics in a review. And I just tried bending it at the back of the shoe and I didn't feel any resistance that the Wave plate always has.
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