Nike LunaRacer3--Could Nike have got something right this time?

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I have not been a big fan of Nike shoes, however, the LunaRacer 3, just recently released interested me and I thought what the heck give it a try.  I thought the Brooks Pure Drift was going to be my speed work/fast training shoe, however, no dice on that one.  According to the Runners Warehouse this shoe has a 5 mm drop (stack height 25mm heel and 20 forefoot)

 The toe box appeared to be wider than most Nike racers (the Nike Flyknit racer is very narrow).  The toe box is wide for a Nike (almost as wide as the Mizuno Universe 4). I have put 30 miles (including a 9 mile run) on it so far and I really like it.  The fit is great due to the flywire technology.    It is very comfortable shoe to wear for fast training.  The cushioning, Lunarlon, is great not too mushy and not too firm.  The upper is a mesh material which is very breathable. This is not a shoe for going slow but built for fast training or speed work.  Also the shoe has a removable insole which is a bit unusually for a racing shoe.  Weight is light 6.4 oz in a size 9.


  • Have you worn previous versions of the Lunaracer? I had the original and liked it, but it was narrow. wondering if they've increased the space?
  • Peter had no experience with the previous editions.  Frankly, I did not expect much and was really surprised by the toe box width and was not as narrow as some other Nike racers.  The 5 mm drop also surprised me as well.  I am really liking this shoe a lot.  I have put another 20 miles on the shoe since I first wrote this (up to 50 miles now) and it still feels as good as mile one. 
  • I've run in the lunaracer reissue for the past year. I sized up half a size due to the narrowness. When I tried the lunaracer 3 at the store the other day I was able to very comfortably fit in my normal size due to the new mesh upper. The fellow next to me said he had the previous lunaracers and now the new 3's and also commented on the wider accommodating forefoot.

    And it may just be that the forefoot oh my current lunaracers are starting to wear down, but I thought I felt a subtly different ramp angle to it, the new lunaracers possibly have just a tad lower drop. I did not get to run in them, but knowing that the midsole is the same (i love the lunarlon) makes it a certainty that I'll be picking up the new lr3's when my current pair wears out.
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