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The One



  • The tongue is felt like but I haven't had any issues keeping it in place.  I also do the rabbit ears with the laces and that has done a good job of locking them in place.
  • You're liking it so far?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Very much. More cushion than my Merrell Bare Access 2s.  So far I know I
    can run at least 7 in them.  I have heard of people not being able to
    lock their heal down in Altras and I have read another review other than what we read on this forum about the tongue moving around but I've not had that issue.  Perhaps my foot just fits it better or perhaps the rabbit ears lacing I use is working.

  • That is exactly what I was wanting to hear.  I LOVE my BA2's, but a *little* more cushion would be nice.  Is the flexibility comparable?

    One thing I noticed with my Instincts (which, admittedly, I should have gotten a half size larger) is that I feel like my forefoot is rolling out or sliding to the outside.  Do you notice this with The One?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • When I first saw The One I figured there was no way I was going to like it as I was SURE my foot would slide around in it but it doesn't at all.  Flexibility is good in the shoe.

  • Have you run in Instincts before?  If so, how'd the fit compare?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • I have not but I plan on trying the Lone Peak 1.5 in a couple of weeks.  I wear a 9 in the Bare Access 2 and a 9.5 in The One.
  • Any updates?
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • Sorry but I have not been able to run or in fact do anything for the last five weeks.  I was out running and miss-judged some seriously upraised asphalt and as I ran over it slammed my big toe of my left foot into it at just the right angle and fractured the first bone in my big toe.  Snapped that sucker clean  cross wise and a separate fracture back to the joint.  I went in for my follow up x-ray the other day and while it's healing well she said I'm not superhuman and it will take another month before I'm cleared to even walk on it let alone run. 

    She also said that since it fractured back to the joint I will get arthritis at some point.  I've been wheat free for a while now due to blood glucose issues and modern wheat is being implicated in arthritis so I have that going for me.  I even have some friends who have arthritis and once they went wheat free it slowly disappeared over time so I'm hopeful I'll get by there.

    The interesting thing is she said when it comes time to do anything but heal walk she said it will be VERY painful and that will be the controlling factor before I can get back to running.  I ran all winter long in the rain out here in the Puget Sound area and summer comes and I can't do squat!  I was also in the middle of my marathon training plan and things were going great!

  • Oh man...bad news!
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • That's terrible!

    I've now got about 100 miles on The One, so I thought I would comment on some things. The cushioning is definitely enough for my personal taste.  I've ran in Altra Samson, the Instinct, and I've tried on merrell BA2. I would say the One is softer than the other 3. The One is more flexible than the Instinct, but less than the Samson or the BA2. I'm normally a size 9, but I decided to get the 9.5 to play it safe. I think 9 would have been fine. As far as width, my feet push 3E normally. I had to return the Instincts because they weren't wide enough in the midfoot for my feet; even with alternate lacing. The One fits my feet perfectly.

    My feet are quite comfortable in these shoes, but I have gotten blisters on multiple toes. I'm using my Zulu socks most of the time, so I'm thinking about trying Ininji socks to prevent further blistering (even though I don't usually feel them).  Two concerns I do have with the shoes are two hotspots I get when running in them. I get one on my second toe (not sure if this is a socks thing or the fact the shoe is a little longer than it should be). The other spot is from lacing. The top of my foot feels clamped when I tie them so I sort of loosen the lacing from bottom up (only my left foot), and that takes care of it. I haven't had any problems with them being too loose in the heal at all.

    I've ran intervals, tempos, fartleks, long, and the One has been great for all of them. I have yet to run past 8 miles with them, but I'm most likely going to use them for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon in October. There is some wear on the bottom of my shoes, but I'm sure I can get at least 300 miles out of them.

    I have taken these out while it was pouring rain. The lime green will bleed onto your socks. They will make a little squeak noise too because of the holes in the sole. Sorry for the long review!
  • Nothing to apologize for.  You have a lot of information to cover!

    I'm particularly curious about sockless runners and how they fit the shoe.
    Socks are a scam. Just saying :-)
  • How is the durability on The One? Softer than the Instinct s making me want to try them, I find the Instinct and BA2 to be a bit firm for my taste. The Mizuno Cursoris might be my current favorite in the zero drop with cushion category along with the Saucony Virrata.
  • Well I maybe had 50 miles on mine before I fractured my big toe so not a lot of miles.  At 50 miles they still look great but of course they'd better!
  • edited July 2013
    # Mishima I ordered The One from Cheap shipping to Norway! Hope to put in some feedback when I have tested them. I have a pair of BA2 but they are still not wide enough in the toe box. Hoping The One is wider. I was looking for a Vapor Glove with some cushioning! Will see if I am happy or dissapointed. Optimal run offers no-question exchange. Sounds like a safe purchase since they do not sell Altras here.
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