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Mizuno Evo Cursoris



  • It sounds like you've already eliminated the Cursoris, but FWIW, I've had a pair for a few weeks and am a huge fan.  Although I share your concern about the lack of the more durable black rubber on the lateral side of the forefoot outsole, I like them so much I'm willing to accept the additional cost of buying shoes more often.  I own several pairs of "elemental" shoes - e.g., Instinct, Bare Access, Blade Foot Run - and for me the Cursoris offers the best combination of flexibility and cushioning in the category.  YMMV, of course.
  • I think that the best shoe for the price is the Go Bionic. I bought a new pair for 60$ on eBay, it's hard to find a better deal for a good minimalist shoe. I usually wear size 10 or 10.5 with other brands but 9.5 is better with skechers. If you can pay more, there is also the Saucony Hattori LC, the B2R shoes and the Altra Samson.
  • I gave the GoBionic a try. I really liked it initially but the lower part of the leather thing where the laces are attached would rub on my feet when they flex. Having made some bloody blister experiences with a pair of Vivo Evos (the white is upper is still red) at a similar spot I didn't want to take the risk and sent them back.

    Now I got another pair of K-Swiss Blade Foot Run for 50 bucks, glued some sole rubber to the lateral forefoot outsole and I'm happy.

  • Hi, I am looking for a minimal shoe with a drop between zero and 4mm for
    my half marathon race in three months. I have been running on vibram
    five fingers (Bikila) and on invisible shoes for road; and on New
    balance MT 110 for trail. In other words, I have been running with
    little shoe support for almost two years; but I am looking for a shoe
    with a little bit of more support for my long runs and long races. I was
    considering on getting the Mizuno wave universe 4, Mizuno wave evo
    levitas, Mizuno evo cursoris and the Nike streak LT. Can you help me to
    make a smart choice or give me suggestions?

    thank you
  • I really like the virrata which works for me and is the first zero drop shoe that I can wear for long runs.

  • I have the Evo Cursoris.  They do show wear on the center pod right under my middle forefoot.  Mine only cost $43.99 with the Runblog10 discount at Running Warehouse.  That makes them worth the cost because they are very fast and comfortable.  When the center gets worn down enough I will just take some Shoe Goo and glue a small piece of Vibram rubber over the center.   I will cut the wear even first so when I add the rubber that Mizuno should have put there in the first place it will be even.  I like the fact that they don't have any toe curl.  They provide a very stable landing platform.  Mizuno could have made a perfect shoe if they had used the same rubber in the center that they used on all the surrounding pods.
  • edited May 2014
    James, I really like my Cursoris.  So much that I bought a second pair while I am still running in the first.  I have over 100 miles on the Cursoris and see the same wear-pattern on the center pod in the mid forefoot as you see.  But that wear has stabilized now.  The hard rubber on the medial side of that pod has prevented further wear.  I think that I could easily get over 200 miles on these shoes.  That's a real surprise since I first expected them to  wear out at about 60 miles.

    My only negative is that these orange shoes are about the ugliest things I have ever put on my feet.  My second pair is green, which is a slight improvement. 


  • Ran in the Asics Gel Lyte33 v3 the other day and it reminds me a bit of the Cursoris - similar soft feel, roomy toebox, but higher drop.
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