Free 4.0 good for couch to 5k runner?

edited January 2013 in Nike
Would the Free 4.0 be a good shoe for a person who doesn't run much, has sore knees from trying to run more, and is going for a couch to 5k program? I've heard good things about them.


  • I've heard Pete make comments about durability falling off on the newer Free designs. Personally I did something similar to you except a one to two week couch to 5K in a pair of Nike Free 2.0. They were enjoyable during the run, but I came out with a hurting knee. I have a feeling it wasn't the shoe, but was the running style. I was previously a bad heel striker.

  • If they fit comfortably and feel good on the run, no reason they can't work for this purpose. My feeling about the new Free's isn't so much about durability as that they are more designed to be fashionable rather than functional. 4.0 looks like it may be better in this regard though.
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