new runner- heavyweight, shoe question

hi all

i am a relatively new runner (been running/walking for 2 months) and was fitted for asics gel cumulus 14 when i went to the local running store. I then read all about the advantages of running more minimalistic and bought the kinvara 3 with hopes to transition at some point. Do you think it would be better to start transitioning now (and how should I go about this)? Or wait until a later point (in which case, when?)?



  • Start going barefoot in the house as much as possible.  Also wear your Kinvara's around simply walking.  When you've done that a couple of weeks you can start with short runs.  What I did and it did stress my calves and Achilles but all manageable was to run out .5 mile run back and then switch back to my regular shoes for the rest of the run.  The next week I ran out .75 miles and back and switch again.  Once I got to a three mile run in the Kinvaras I ditched my old shoes.  Some people can make a faster transition but I couldn't. 

  • You can mix in the Kinvara at any time in my opinion, it has enough cushion that it should not be a big problem. Maybe start on one run per week, see how it feels, then build from there. If anything hurts, scale back a bit. There's no reason you can't mix the two shoes into your training if all is going well - no need to run in only one particular shoe.
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