Altra Superior duarbility issue

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Shoeminator strikes again! This time my new pair of Altra's Superior. This was the one pair where I would expect something like this the least. I got them about 1 month ago and logged probably some 40 miles on them since then. Only smooth mountain trails and roads. The tread pattern and the rubber used for the outsole does not allow for more.

So far only the left shoe is affected. However, at exactly the same location on the right shoe the first layer of the mesh shows some initial tears. This is exactly where the shoe flexes. Interestingly, this is exactly the same wear pattern as with my disintegrating Inov8 Trailrocs. First the outer layer of the mesh and then it goes through. Both shoes, Trailroc and Superior do actually have similar meshs. The Trailroc's is somehow finer.

What's really annoying this time. There is no distibutor in Europe. Therefore, I had them shipped over from the U.S. (shoe addiction can have some strange effects) with all the bother that goes with these things. Naturally, the first pair was too short (my usual size is 10, followed the recommendation to size up to 10.5 but this was still too short). This returned pair is still stuck somewhere with the U.S. customs. International shoppers, this is all trouble! Avoid it!



  • Just checked mine,  no apparent tears/wear yet.  I've got over 50  miles on mine.  Is that where the edge of the insole hits?  
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    No, can't really say hat the insole hits anything there. And I can see clearly hat the trat starts developing from the outside. Left and right shoe. 

  • Would love to see a video of your form in slow motion - I know of people who frequently rip shoes in this area, may be related to how you individuals stress the shoe in that area. I once lent my original Kinvaras to a friend to try, had 200 miles on them with minimal wear, he ripped the upper in that spot after two runs!
  • Well, I ran my Kinvaras 1. gen for 300 miles or so. Uppers showed no wear. Totally different story with the outsole. In the end I glued some rubber to the lateral side of the outsole.

    I also must say that I've never really destroyed my shoes before. The Trailroc and the Superior are really the first two models where I have problems with. I really wonder if this all is related to running so much in the mountains. Maybe this really puts much more stress on certain areas of a shoe.
  • I'd be curious about your form, too.

  • I'm not alone! From the Superior's review section on Altra's homepage:


    By Runtgh (Jarrettsville, MD) on (Jan 14, 2013)

    Average Rating: 2.0 / 5.0
     2.0 / 5.0


    Comments: 3 months in and the side mesh has ripped
    out, front vinyl has ripped and a holder for the black string has ripped apart.
    I am still running in the lone peaks and they are 14 months old with 600 plus
    miles on me. Apart from the foam at the heal they are in great shape. Not sure
    what happened with the superiors, I really love running in them, but having to
    replace after 3 months is just too expensive for me.

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  • I have also had a problem with my Superiors and Trailrocs ripping in this same location.  If it is a running form issue we must have the same form issues.  No problems with any other shoes.
  • I guess I have the same form issue as JasonWeeks and stefan because my inov-8 trailroc 245's have a hole on the lateral side of my right pinky toe and a frayed spot is on my left pinky toe.
  • yes, sure. We're all having form issues.
  • This is what my trailroc 245's look like now.

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    Just to say my Altra Superior failed on the exact same place (the mesh on both shoes ,the outside toe box) and I think Altra is aware of that because I complained to the store I bought them in and they sent me a new pair of Superior 1.5. I did not have to send in the old pair. I had just taken some pictures. Super nice service (as always) from Altra.
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