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I just got the Salomon Mantra yesterday and it is a very different shoe from the Salomon Sense Ultra (which is more of a trail racing shoe).  The Mantra is billed as a training version of the Sense Ultra.  It is a bit heavier 9.2 oz to 9.6 oz depending on who does the review.  Bit more durable than the Ultra and has a 6mm drop vice the 4 mm on the Ultra.  Also billed as a better road to trail shoe than the Ultra (which is pretty rough on the road portion though the Ultra is much better than the original).  Took them out last night on the "road portion" since there are no trails near my home to run.  I was pretty impressed. Great feel nice traction on the wet road (as it rained a little during the run).  Traction on the trail should be about the same as the Ultra (which is very good) as the outsole is the same as the Ultra.  It is also a comfortable shoe to wear when not running (whereas the Ultra is not).  Fit is great with the endofit system Salomon has.  They run true to size at least for me I take 11.5 in most shoes and this was perfect for the Mantra.  One nit is the is location of the  lace garage for the Quicklace system (at the top of the tongue of the shoe).  It is a bit of a pain to use but once you get the hang of it it is ok.  The Mantra runs 120 bucks much better than the 180 dollars for the Sense Ultra.   Runners Warehouse has them at $107.95 (  They have both the green and blue version (like the blue color as I think it looks neat). Nice review here of the Mantra which covers some trail workouts.


  • Do these have a low ground feel for a trainer? Don't want something built up too much.
  • They do have a 6mm drop but don't feel built up.  I have done three runs in them now (all road trail is tomorrow) and I really like them.  The feel is different from the Ultra sense ( I think better as the sense is a racing shoe not a training shoe).  I think you would like them.
  • How is the flexibility of them? What should would you compare them to in height? Would you compare it to the Kinvara?
  • The Ultra Sense and the original Sense are more flexible than the Mantra.  That is not to say the Mantra is rigid by any means just not quite as flexible as the Sense.  Hard to compare height wise as all of my shoes are either zero drop or 4mm drop.  This 6mm drop would be considered to be the "tallest shoe" I have.  But I really don't notice it.  I would not compare them with the Kinvara (toe box really narrow on that shoe and wider on the Mantra) and feel is totally different.  Not as cushion feel as the Kinvara. 

    I did my first trail run today with them (8 miler) on the same course I used for my Ultra Sense test run.  Same great grip and traction (though the ground was pretty hard due to some freezing temps here in Northern Ca) as the Ultra Sense (since the outsole of the Mantra is almost exactly the same as the Ultra I expected this).

    It is an interesting shoe the Sense is a much better trail racing shoe but for regular trail training and the door to trail component it is a great shoe.
  • Thanks for the info! Looks like I will be ordering a pair on payday.
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