Minimalist Shoe for a 4E Foot

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I had a customer come see me looking to transition to a minimalist shoe.  I helped his brother with great success but he has an extremely wide foot.  A 4E is snug but comfortable for him but I can't think of any minimalist shoes out there that would be able to accommodate his foot.  The widest shoes I have ever personally come across are Vivobarefoots.  Anyone have other suggestions I can pass along to him?  Really want to offer him some options if possible.


  • Do any of the NB shoes come in 4E?
  • The NB Minimus Trail Zero (MT00) does come in 4E, but it is far from a transitional shoe - quite the opposite actually! The much comfier NB MT10 only comes in 2E, but as the last is wider than that of the MT00 it might just work for a 4E foot. Can't hurt to try anyway, and with a 4mm drop it is a good shoe to start ones minimalist career in.
  • Very interesting that the MT00 comes in 4E and not the MR00.  I also saw that the Minimus Ionix 3090 comes in a 4E.  Anyone know how they fit?  Sad that there are so few options but I imagine that will change over time as the market grows.
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    The Ionix 3090 is based on the PL-1 last, as opposed to the NL-1 last used in the MT10, and I for one don't really know how that affects the fit. But at 4E they should be wide enough. Please also note that the Minimus series usually run a bit small, and sizing up at least a half size is necessary for most runners.

    I'm also thinking that Altra Zero Drop shoes might be an option. Though they do not specifically come in any E widths they are extremely wide in the forefoot by design. The Instinct 1.5 is a well cushioned road shoe that its users seems to swear by, however the zero drop might not make it the best transitional shoe. This is taken from their website

    Q: Do your shoes work for those that use 4E shoes?
    A: That depends on whether your foot is a 4E at the toes or if it is through the midfoot and/or heel. If you prefer the extra width for the toes, then our shoes may indeed fit you. We have had many people that wear a 4E wear our shoes with success. In addition, all of our shoes can be worn without the included footbeds which gives them an extra size of width---this may be helpful as well if you don't mind sacrificing a touch of cushioning.
  • I'd second Altra, and the Kinvara in a 2E might be worth try. 
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