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I have been wearing the pure flow since last spring.  Prior to that I had been out with PF for about a year and tried many shoes and nearly every insert on the market per doctors and PTs.   I tried the connects and then the flow and decided on them.  I have currently been wearing a size 13.  It is quite snug especially in the toe box and even in the midfoot area  I had decided on the 13 since there is no 13.5.  I ran in this all last year on mostly trail events.  I did 3 marathons and 2 - 50ks in them with minor soreness afterward.  Now that winter is here I have been running quite a bit more pavement.  I did back to back 12 mile training runs on pavement and got sore on the outside edge of both of my feet (more intense on the right side)  From just before the bone on the outside in front of heel.  Up towards the front of the foot.  My guess is because the shoe is so snug when I am running on flat pavement there is full compression and my feet are wanting to bust out of the shoes on the sides.  I did a 50K last weekend on all pavement and have been sore for a few days.  I am thinking of getting and trying a run in a size 14 to see if that helps.  I really love the flow shoes .... anyone have any other recommendations on brands or styles that might run a bit on the wider side but still are similar in feel to the pure?


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    Is your foot a 13? If so you may want to check out a size 14. I've tried on the flow in store and found the full size up to feel much better. I have a 13 foot and pretty much always have to get a 14 in running shoes. It seems they are made smaller than other shoes. I've always heard to have a thumbs width between your toe and the end of the shoe. I know before a running shoe store properly fitted me in a larger shoe I had all sorts of pain. Most of mine was in my knees though, maybe its different for different people.
  • That's funny, I thought the flows ran big. I normally wear an 11.5 and had to go with a size 11 in the flows. They felt roomy in the forefoot. More so than the cadence, connect, and Saucony Kinvara.

    If you can handle a firmer shoe, but still with plenty of cushion, try the Altra Instinct 1.5. They have a ton of room in the forefoot! Midfoot is spacious also. I use them for long runs and easy runs. They are zero drop, but an "easier on the legs" zero drop than more minimal shoes with less cushion.
  • It could be also the cushioning on the shoe is gone.  Pure Flows, at least the original version, only get about 300-350 miles of wear before they are shot.  I have noticed it and so have a couple of other Flow wearers.  Perhaps a new pair in the larger size is the ticket.  You might also try the new Altra Torin which is zero drop and a lot of cushioning.  However you did state you were running trails so for a more radical approach you might want to try one of the Hoka shoes.  Nice wide toe box and plenty of cushioning.  I like the Bondi.  You can wear it on the trail or street.  I tend to wear them after a long week of training to give my legs a rest.
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