Pure Grit 2 = Pure GRIP

I received the Pure Grit 2 this week and have to say I am extremely pleased. The shoe has a much better fit in the upper and bring in a rock plate in the sole. 

The most noticable difference however is the outsole. This thing just digs through dirt. I took it for a nice 8 mile run after the rain and I had absolutely no slipping issues. This has to be the best update to this shoe as I put a lot of miles in the first edition however could not rely on it for anything in wet weather.

This shoe also feels closer to the ground than last edition. I feel the way the lugs have changed make this shoe much more flat and stable. It rides really well on the road as well making it a dream hybrid shoe for me.

I am sure I will be destroying these all winter.


  • Good to hear it, Pure Grip is better than Pure Slip :) I have a pair en route to my buddy Nate who's going to review them for me.
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