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Brooks Pure Drift--Initial Thoughts



  • That's surprising, Peter.  I know on my BA2's the integrated footbed causes me zero problems with blistering.  Wish all shoes came that way, lol.
  • I finally got my PureDrift's. I have two 5 mile runs in them so far. Ran with the insoles. Initial impression is that they feel and ride like my NB 730's but with toe spring. They feel a tad wider in the forefoot than the 730's. They fit my feet perfectly (love the wide toebox and slimmer midfoot and heel. They are more responsive than the flows, but not as responsive as a flat. Mine make that indentation also, but not noticeable at all while running. My legs and feet felt awesome after running in them. They felt "massaged" instead of "worked", which is usually how my legs and feet feel after a run in zero drop/low drop, minimally cushioned, flexible shoes.

    I have run in ton of different zero drop and 4 mm drop shoes and these definitely feel zero drop (even with the insoles in). I think they hit the sweet spot for me as far as road feel and cushion. More road feel than Altra Instinct 1.5, which I think are too cushioned and inflexible for my tastes, and less road feel than NB MR00's.

    So far I like them, which is a good thing, because I never really liked the PureFlow (too mushy) and the PureConnect (way too narrow).

    These are just my initial impressions. I'll report back when I get some more miles on them. I think I'll try them on my long run this weekend...
  • By the way, didn't notice the nav band or dual split toe. I did notice the toe spring, but kinda liked it. Made the shoe roll better, if that makes any sense...
  • Pete great idea of switching the insole on the drift I will try that today and see if it helps any.
  • Becki,

    Yeah, I may be zero dropping them, need to measure the Cadence insole. I think the benefit is that the Cadence insole is a bit thicker up from so it helps reduce the feel of that stitch-down point that is causing my blistering. Fit is not perfect, but close enough.

  • I have 60+ miles on these now, so I've got a full review done. Not sure what your policy on other people linking off your board is, Pete, so delete away if you don't want this here, but I figured it's easier than copy pasting a huge wall of text + images into this post. I'm enjoying them quite a bit for easy runs and recovery runs, but would definitely choose something else for fast days.

  • Links are fine here, I want people to share their stuff as I find blogs more informative than major media sites when it comes to things like shoe reviews. Was actually just reading your review this morning, one of my Twitter followers shared it.
  • Good to know, thanks! How are you doing with it with the Cadence insole? That fix the blister problem?
  • Haven't run in it again yet. Strained what I think is my SI joint lifting wood last weekend, was in some serious pain for about 24 hours. Feels good to go now, but it snowed yesterday so it's gonna have to be something with lugs today.
  • Figured out the blister issue with the Drift (originally commented on this under Brossard's review, exact same spot as Pete). There is a layer of reinforcing material around the toe-box seam and where it stops, the upper breaks in sharply during toe-off. It wasn't the Grit that gave me the same blister before but the MT00s, which makes sense because they have a similar thin/brittle upper. Going to experiment with a thicker sock or tape when the current blister heals (8.5m in them last night, blistering started around mile 5) and cross fingers that they break in past this issue because it is otherwise a really comfortable shoe for longer distances. 
  • I'm up to about 23 miles in the Drifts - liking them a lot with the Cadence insole installed. Wonder if the added thickness raises the foot up enough above the reinforcing material?
  • With just under 30 miles on the PureDrifts, I've already gone through the inside layer of the upper with my left big toe. Most other shoes such as Nike Frees or PureFlow take at least a couple hundred miles to go through the top. I see that happening in less than half that time with these. I've had mixed feelings about these shoes, leaning towards the positive side, but this is swinging me in the opposite direction.
  • Wow, 30 miles? Brooks, really? Damn.. Mine's about to tear on the inside layer on the upper of my right small toe but that's after 250km with them. I think it'll last for 50km more. I expected more on this shoe but it disappoints. Will be steering away from minimalist shoes for the mean time and will get kinvara 3 or 4 as my next go to shoes, and i'm expecting (again) a good durability on them.
  • Despite my problem with the midsole separation, I'm still giving the Bare Access 2 another try.  Maybe it'll work for you, too.
  • 30 miles in now and I still can't find a solution to the blistering. Tried tape and thicker socks, but the blister spot just moved south of the tape. MR10V2s can't get here soon enough. 
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