Heel drop vs footstrike vs effort

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After running for about one year, I discovered Runblogger's site this June, and became really interested in running form and shoes.
Feeling I could improve my form, I started switching to a more forefoot strike (in Saucony Triumphs), bought a pair of Green Silences over the internet, and started rotating shoes (and taking them off now and then at the end of runs). Also bought Vivobarefoot Neos as summer walking shoes, for a more natural ground feel.
After some gradual building of pace and distance while running on my mid/forefoot, I ditched the Sauconys, and completed the last 8 weeks of my first HM-training in my GS's as a mid/forefoot striker.
(Finished that HM in 1:40)
I then bought Road Gloves as light walking shoes, convinced that I'd need a lóng time before running more than say 2K in them. To my great surprise I had no trouble running up to 10K in them, as long as I maintained an easy, effortless pace. I did feel my calves again when I did my first tempo runs in them (as in the M730's which I since then also bought).

My point (finally!) is:
Now that I changed my footstrike, getting over mildly stiff calves in the morning for about two months, h2t drop seems to matter less to me than the intensity of my run. I've never filmed my footstrike, but I would reason that the height of the heel doesn't matter much if the heel doesn't touch the ground. Any thoughts on this?

PS: Has anyone experienced a lift in the lateral forefoot (as recently discussed regarding in the MT110) in the M730?



  • @pieter your heel never touches the ground?
  • Not when I'm running relaxed, no. When fatigue sets in, I feel I have to concentrate more to keep this form, and at the end of my HM, I'm sure I lost it a bit. There's no reason why I feel I have to do this, but it kind of came naturally once I started running on the forefoot, and it feels energetic.
    I've run about 500K in my Green Silences now, and there's no wear.
    Inside the shoe, there's an indentation in the footbed just under my big toe, but nothing big. I'm 5ft11, 147lb.
  • I would usually recommend allowing the heel to touch down after forefoot contact as not doing so can be tough on the feet and calves, but if the form is working for you I wouldn't worry too much. Some people, including my wife, seem to run without heel contact. Relaxing the lower leg prior to contact can help with this.

    As for HTB, I do have a hard time forefoot or midfoot striking in 12mm drop shoes - feels like I'm fighting the shoe to do so, so I just let the shoe dictate what my form will be. To forefoot strike in a 12mm drop hoe requires a lot of additional plantarflexion, and I'm not sure that's a good thing.
  • I agree with Pete, I find it difficult to forefoot or midfoot strike in 12mm and even 8mm drop shoes. I know people that do it, but they are natural forefoot strikers. I transitioned into a forefoot/midfoot strike.
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